I love babies

Avalyn resting with mommy

On Sunday I received the best news! My friends T and N had a beautiful baby girl weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds 8 ounces!  There was some complications and N had to have an emergency c-section to get the little darling out, but thankfully – I prayed really hard – everyone is okay and everyone is doing really well!

I couldn’t wait to visit them last night – especially after the day I had with pipes bursting, children coworkers complaining and fire alarms going off – so when I finally got to see baby Avalyn Audrina I couldn’t have been more happier if I tried. 

She is so beautiful – and you know how some people say babies are cute but really they are just being nice?  Come on we ALL know someone whose kid was a little funky looking – well Avalyn is a pure beauty.  I loved her from the first moment I saw her! 

I am so happy for T and N.  They are going to make great parents and I cannot wait to see them both thrive at their new job as caregivers for Avalyn.  I hope they get to come home soon so I can visit them in their new home and snuggle with Avalyn for another couple of hours – okay I kinda of held her for a long time – she was just so warm and smelled so good (remember my thing with how men smell – babies fall into that category too).

GBF came by so I did give her up for a little bit so he could hold her and then he, T and I went out and grabbed dinner.  I came back to talk with my friends for a while and left mom, dad and baby girl to enjoy each other’s company.

Congratulations T and N, you are both amazing and I love you both so much!

Avalyn Audrina

XOXO Nikilee