Zumba week – I have no freaking idea

Okay so there are 11 weeks of Zumba, I have missed three of them and I think (think) there are two or three left.  So it would be like week 9 maybe??  LOL…I love Zumba, really I do.

Last night something amazing happened at Zumba!  I remembered a few of the moves and didn’t need to look at the beautiful Diana to follow along!  That made it even better!!!  Diana has a Zumba website and when I looked on it the other day I saw a picture of me going hard!!  LOL…the best thing, no one was else was, everyone else looked very chill!  LOL…clearly I take my Zumba seriously!

I’m the girl at the far left!







I am really loving it.  I am starting to understand my bodies limitations better (no cartilage in the kneecaps really limits your Zumba moves) but moving along just the same as everyone else!

The music has me moving and of course I have my favourite dances (Jai Ho and I’m Sexy and I Know it) and I am not looking forward to class ending in a few weeks. 

I have decided with my sister-in-law that we are going to continue in the winter.  I had HOPED to start her Tuesday class in Ajax which is one hour earlier, but unfortunately my work is getting all stupid and extending their hours so I have to work late on Tuesdays starting in January so it looks like Wednesdays at 8:30 pm it is 😦

Have a great Thursday Blogging world

XOXO Nikilee


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