I don’t want to date – and you can’t make me!

I have NEVER been a good dater.  Ever.  In middle and high school – all my relationships were instantaneous, I didn’t “date”. 

“Hi Nicole, its X.  Oh hi X, how are you?  Good, thanks, so you know I like you – a lot – wanna be my girlfriend? SURE!”

Seriously, it’s true…never did I date – I had relationships.  Until I was 29 and suddenly single, dating had never even crossed my mind. 

I could really be falling for who you're pretending to be right now.

But alas, at 29 years old I found myself single and living back at home.  How the hell does a single woman date when she lives at home with her daddy???  Good grief!  I went on a few dates – that were awkward as all hell (uh one was a 30-year-old virgin – by choice – not religion who didn’t even pay for my $3.00 coffee).  Seriously!!!    I hated the whole idea of dating then, and swore off it cause I was so bad at it.  In fact I hadn’t dated anyone in months when I went to the DR for J and K’s wedding.  Well then I met MiMo and he sort of fell into my lap and we didn’t really date, we sort of hopped really quickly into a relationship – which is probably why he hopped out just as quick 6 months later.  I can’t blame him.  Maybe if we had just dated things would have worked out better, maybe not? 

But since MiMo and I ended I haven’t dated really.  I mean I had that coffee with R, but we had been talking for a while and I knew he was still hooked on the ex, so I looked at it as a night out, not really a date per say. 

Funny Flirting Ecard: I'd love to awkwardly sway with you at an outdoor concert.

My problem: I hate dating.  I hate awkward first meetings.  I don’t like online dating cause most of the guys I have talked to are super cocky and superficial whether it’s a free site or a paid for site like Eharmony or Match.  Ugh!  I wish I was like my friend Jake’s mom sometimes cause SHE loves dating, she dates all the time and has no issues with it.  She’s great at meeting new people. 

R (the guy I kinda went on a semi-date with a few weeks ago and have become pretty cool friends with ever since) and I were talking last night and he asked me if I thought I was over MiMo and ready to move on and date again.  I told him I had no choice.  You can only mourn a loss of a relationship for so long, especially when it is one-sided. 

We'd be a normal couple if it weren't for you.

I don’t know when or how I will begin the dating journey, but I know I have to jump back on that horse (I’m allergic to horses, maybe I am allergic to dating!).  I just hope that some how I find success again.  I mean a 31-year-old, successful woman who lives at home with her dad (by choice) should be a catch right?!  LOL…

When you decided to play hard to get you failed to keep in mind that I am too lazy to even check my voicemail.

Wish me luck bloggers, I’ll keep you posted on the disaster joys of dating!

I can't wait to meet you in a well lit, busy location.

XOXO Nikilee


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