A little bit of Christmas in my life

With two days left before Black Friday shopping, my tree up and decorated, some gifts bought and placed in the christmas bags they will be wrapped in, and the Pillsbury sugar cookies bought and placed in the freezer, I am ready for Christmas. 

My American money is exchanged, the orders have gone out to my sister-in-law and her cousin  who are shopping with me this year, and my bag is partially packed – lightly of course so I can fit gifts in it!!  I have lots of rules that I have implemented since starting this tradition – and it’s because I am a seasoned shopper now!

1. Pack a big suitcase lightly so you can store some gifts in it on the way home so as not to cram the trunk with random bags

It will never look this neat! EVER

2. Dress lightly but keep the extremities warm – I wear tights and a sweater with uggs and gloves so my toes and fingers are warm, but I don’t overheat so I am too uncomfortable

3. Use one empty suitcase on wheels to pack bags in as you shop so as not to be stuck lugging bags all over the place.  When I had GBF it was no problem as he would carry bags or run to the car to dump them, but now with all us ladies – we need the suitcase

<—much easier to carry

4. Park the car WAY before shopping begins so you get a spot and take the shuttle bus to the mall. This way you aren’t spending time driving around for an hour looking for a place or parking 10 miles away.

5. Don’t drink coffee – at least for me.  Coffee gives me an immediate jolt, but I crash quickly, I need to fight through the exhaustion and get my second wind!  I always do!  😉

I am excited.  I love Black Friday shopping.  This tradition started in 2006 when me and GBF were dating and our anniversary fell over the same weekend.  We would go to Buffalo – changing to Grove City two years later – and shop and celebrate for four whole days!  We would shop all Thursday night and Friday and then go to a nice restaurant and enjoy each other’s company for Saturday and Sunday.

Last year T and Crazy Cat Lady came with me since me and GBF were barely on speaking terms and we had a great time!  This year its T and her cousin, and I am sad CCL isn’t coming!  I’ll miss her but I’ll make the best out of it! 

All my Christmas shopping WILL be done by Saturday which gives me ALL of December to wrap the gifts and deliver them to the right homes.

Cannot wait!  As much as I love shopping, I also love shopping for others – getting the perfect gift!  And it’s the only time of year my anxiety doesn’t go into overdrive with crowds and heat from the stores…


XOXO Nikilee


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