Flight – a review from a non-critic

No one would ever tell you that I have amazing taste in movies…okay some of my best girlfriends would.  I mean Twilight, the Notebook and the first Sex and the City movie rank pretty high!

Last night, GBF asked if I wanted to see Flight since I am a Denzel fan and since it looked interesting, I said sure!

Flight starts off with nudity – full frontal woman nudity – to bad it wasn’t Denzel (though you do get an ass shot later in the movie which had me wondering if Denzel played his own ass or if there was an ass double??).   But what happens after that had me enthralled.  I was riveted.  I couldn’t turn my eyes off the screen.  This storyline was so well written, so well acted that I hated Denzel Washington for almost the whole two hours.  He made me sick and uncomfortable.

I am not going to spoil the movie.  I believe it is based on a true story (which doesn’t comfort my nerves when flying) about a man who IS an alcoholic and drug addict and who also happens to be a captain of an airplane.  He is drunk and stoned the morning he fly’s a plane that is broken and HE helps land the plane and save 96 of the 102 lives on board.  Unfortunately for him (or fortunately depending on your views of alcoholism) they took blood tests at the hospital which showed his blood levels.  A lot of drama goes on and then he has to answer for his crime. 

I don’t want to reveal too much because you have to live it with him to really understand the full depth of this movie.  Please see it, enjoy it and learn from it.

XOXO Nikilee

P.S I’ll be shopping starting tomorrow so I will talk to you again Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “Flight – a review from a non-critic

  1. Even though he won’t win, Denzel definitely deserves an Oscar nomination because he is just great here and keeps this flick ticking, just when it seems to fall on it’s own, two feet from conventionality. Good review.

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