Black Friday I survived, Chrysler almost didn’t

Thursday morning, my sister-in-law T, her cousin L and I left Scarborough for the 4.5 hour drive to Grove City, P.A.  There was no border problems, lots of laugh and even a short nap on the drive up which I never get to do since I am usually the driver.  However as T has a brand new (3 month old) Grand Caravan, she drove so we would have lots of space.

Enjoy your one day of non-violent holiday sale shopping.

We got to the hotel with no problems and immediately I took a nap again (I know I need lots of sleep for a night full of walking and shopping).  We drove to the Subway gas station – love it – and parked our car at the outlet so we had a prime parking spot.  Our walk back to the hotel was a cold one, but we made it laughing all the way.

Some of the outlet stores opened at 9:00 pm this year so we hopped on the shuttle at 9 knowing we would have ample time to get there and start our shopping. 

We had an amazing time!  We shopped in and out of what felt like a million stores, spent hundreds of dollars and got amazing bargains on Christmas gifts our friends and family will love! 

We hopped into bed around 3:30 am and slept till just past 11:00 am.  We admired our shopping parcels from the night before and headed over to the Eat and Park for breakfast!  For $8.00 we were stuffed and ready to shop again.  We picked up some more personal items and got back to the hotel around 5:00pm.  Dinner at the Eat and Park was just as delicious as breakfast and then we came back to the hotel, watched a movie and crashed into bed around 10:00.

Sorry you had a stressful day of shopping.

This is where it got interesting.  We woke up Saturday morning with the expectation of checking out of the hotel, driving to Robinson County P.A and spending the remainder of our money before making the long trek home to Toronto.  However L noticed first thing that our room had NO hot water – not a good sign for 3 ladies who desperately wanted to shower. 

We decided to carry on, checked out and packed the car full.  We got in the car, T turned the key to start it and NOTHING!  The car wouldn’t start.  T called Roadside assistance and they swore it was the battery – we knew differently since the radio, lights and electronic functions all worked – but the lady on the phone SWORE it was a battery issue.  They sent the biggest red neck with a tow truck to come help us and he confirmed it was NOT the battery.  However as he was not a mechanic he had no idea what was wrong. 

We got on the phone with roadside assistance again, to no avail, so we called Chrysler Canada directly and was on the phone with them for about 1-2 hours trying to get a tow with a flat-bed to a dealership that was OPEN!  They said no dealerships were open in the States for the holiday.

My sister paid a Tow Truck to tow us to Buffalo since that was close enough to a border to get a ride home from a friend and the guy who came to pick us up (also red neck) but cute as hell got us all to Buffalo, shaken, but not stirred.  When we arrived in Niagara Falls, NY Chrysler they WERE open and stuck the computer to the “brain” of the car, hit a button and BAM! the car started no problems.  The guys were sweet as pie and some of them were super cute so I guess seeing three stranded Canadian women brought out the gentlemen in them and they stuck around a bit later (since they were closing as we arrived) then usual.

We drove through the border with no problems, and got our way home.  Now besides two issues with traffic coming home, it was great to be on Canadian pavement and even better when I stepped foot in my door.  It had been a long day and the Americans were so helpful (unlike the assholes on the phone from Chrysler and Roadside assistance both Canadian).

I love Black Friday shopping and while this was not my favourite trip, it was a great time and I had fun with both T and L and can’t wait till next year!

XOXO Nikilee


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