Weigh Watchers and self-esteem

When I joined Weight Watchers in 2010, my self-esteem had taken a beating.  I was feeling pretty damn low and needed to do something for myself to boost my energy and start to like myself again.  I knew WW worked because I had friends that had lost on the program and they still ate out and ate chocolate so it seemed like a good plan to me.

I joined with my sister-in-law, my girlfriend C and her sister.  Those last two immediately started dropping weight like Snoop Dogg dropped it like it’s hot and my sister-in-law and I lost slowly (very slowly).  Eventually I did lose 25 pounds though and I felt great.  I was internet dating, wearing smaller clothes and feeling comfortable withmy  body and what it looked like sans clothes.

But, like everything else, I left WW when I got to comfortable.  I quickly put back on that weight and I couldn’t even tell you today what my weight is.  I might still be down or I might have surpassed my pre-WW weight I don’t know. 

But Saturday I will.  Because I am throwing in the towel.  I am getting my ass back to WW and back to my meetings.  I miss feeling awesome about myself. I miss feeling completely comfortable looking at myself (let alone someone else looking at me) naked.  I will do what I can to focus and look and feel MY best again.

Wish me luck!!!

XOXO Nikilee


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