Weight Watchers – you can go home again

So I have talked and thought a lot about Weight Watchers lately and how happy and satisfied I was while on program.  On Saturday morning me and T got our butts out of bed (our slightly larger butts mind you) and made the 20 minute trek out to Ajax where we re-joined our old meeting. 

It’s always great to see the friendly smiles from the receptionist ladies and our leader at our branch (main reason we continue travelling so far) because they ARE our motivation.  Knowing we have to see them or get teased (all in good fun) is a good reason to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

We got there and it was huge smiles and “welcome back” all around!  I weighed in first and the scale broke.  No really, it didn’t, but I was pretty sure it would have cussed me out and punched me in the face if it was able to.  When I stopped weight watchers earlier this year I was down approx 25 pds from my start weight.  I am now down 3 pds from my start weight in October 2010.  I know that’s not bad, I mean an original loss is better than a gain – but a 20 pd gain in less than a year hurts.  BIG TIME

I will not discuss my sister’s weight loss or gain on here because really it’s private and if she wants to share, she can start her own blog!

I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to point at people and blame them!  But really, only one person is to blame and that is me.  I eat when lonely and stressed and just because some people contributed to that feeling doesn’t mean they should be to blame.  I could have easily went out and seeked therapy from friends and family, but instead I stayed inside and watched tv while stuffing my face with chocolate and large portions of unhealthy food.    Nope, I need to pull up my big girl pants and face reality that I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY. 

I need to stop over thinking things that are not in my control:

1. My feelings about my ex moving on 2. Work situations 3. Living at home

These things are things that are going on and happening whether I like it or not so I might as well get living.

I am claiming back my happiness this week.  WW will be a huge contributor to that.  I am not sure what else will be, but WW is a great start!  I will keep you all updated on my progress!

XOXO Nikilee


One thought on “Weight Watchers – you can go home again

  1. So great that you went and I think one of the hardest things is going back, especially when you know you’ve gained. What you wrote: ” I AM MY OWN WORST ENEMY”…so true!!! I am my own worst enemy also. I feel like I need to reprogram my brain, it is hard work! Good luck to you! I know I will be reading about more weight losses from you soon!

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