Sometimes I feel like I’m going a tad bit nuts

Last week was a week full of – exciting adventures??  No, sadly, I do not consider driving from one end of Toronto *old Scarborough* to the other end of Toronto *old Etobicoke* an exciting adventure.  More like a sick form of torture.  Do you know what’s even worse?  Doing that drive during both morning and evening rush hour in the rain.  Yep this was my week last week!

But last week was my first week back to WW and I had to behave.  I did – okay.  Not great, not terrible.  I ate lunch mostly that I had packed (one day I left it on my couch and got a bagel from Tim Horton’s). 

When I went to weigh in on Saturday I was apprehensive.  My fear of failure was pounding through my veins, threatening to explode if the scale didn’t show a loss.  But I did lose.  I lost 1.6 pounds.  This number I am okay with.  I am not happy, I am not disappointed.  I am just okay. 

However this week also started the improved 360 plan which is points plus with some new books and tools for members.  I bought the new kit which included measuring cups, a measuring tape and the new dining out guide which is great because it included the Keg and Pita Pit!  This book is coming in handy already!

I had GBF take my measurements yesterday and while I was sickened and unimpressed, I just kept repeating “Niki you CAN do this”.  I know I can get those numbers down, to be lower than they are now.  It makes me nauseous knowing the numbers but I am using them as motivators to keep me on track! 

Speaking of track – I got the new 3 month tracker, and come hell or high water, I will track!  I KNOW it is the number 1 thing that leads to successful weight loss.  So far I have tracked Saturday, Sunday and today.  Oh that reminds me, I have to add my little 2 pt chocolate I ate after lunch! SO WORTH EVERY POINT!

Have a great week blogging friends.

XOXO Nikilee


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