Oh to be a nomad

When I was in University I used to talk to GBF quite regularly as he was honestly and truly my best friend. He used to talk about how he wanted to move to Virginia, find work and raise a family and we would discuss the complications of this plan at length.  He promised he wouldn’t forget about me, so I never tried to talk him out of it!

Fast forward ten years and he (and I) are both still living in Toronto – not what either of us had really pictured.

I think I knew at some point I would end up back in Toronto to take care of my father, but in reality, I didn’t think he would live this long either. I am grateful he has, please don’t get me wrong, but seriously he has A LOT of health problems.  I had hoped that when I moved back, it would be AFTER I had lived somewhere else, travelled extensively and lived a crazy whirl wind life!

When I went to teachers college, I did have it in the back of mind that by going to school in Buffalo NY, I would also have my NY state teaching certificate which would allow me to teach in any of the 50 states in the U.S.A. Secretly I knew that if GBF was going to go to the States – so was I! Of course at this point we were dating so I wasn’t stalking him I swear!

I have thought again recently about moving, about travelling more, about a lot of things I can’t currently do because I am taking care of my father and I will not leave him for more than a week at a time to travel – which limits me, but I know one day I will be able to do as I please.

I think about moving to a different place, BC? Edmonton? Montreal? My problem is I don’t have any huge desire to move to these places, I would want to move to the U.S, but that is not easy. There are immigration problems; VISA’s to deal with and of course – finding a job. I am a case worker for Social Services. This is not an easy job to transition out of into a new field. My teaching certificate means nothing to them now as it was over 5 years ago I graduated and have no experience to show for it.

I was reading a fellow bloggers blog today and she has announced she is moving her family to Florida from Ohio. I love how American’s seem to be able to pick up and leave the State with no major concerns that we have. I wish we had those options. I mean if I had to choose between BC and Ontario, there isn’t much difference weather wise or opportunity wise, but Ohio and Florida, it’s like night and day!!! I see a lot of reality tv stars go from one state to another, back and forth and it’s not an issue. I guess it wouldn’t really be if I moved to BC either, but it frustrates me that I can’t do the same in the states!

I don’t know how much is really left for me here. I have a job that I can’t leave unless an AMAZING opportunity arrived, I have great friends that I would miss, but would come to visit and vice versa and an extremely small family. Yep I think I would be okay with moving. I think I would be very okay with moving. I guess time will only tell, I wish I knew some immigration officers in America !  I wish I could find a new job somewhere else that would tempt me to give up my amazing job now.

XOXO Nikilee


3 thoughts on “Oh to be a nomad

  1. Florida is an awesome place to live, not that I’m biased or anything!

    It sounds like this is something you really would like to do in the future. If so, I’m positive that the right doors will open at the right time. Consider your immigration paperwork and such a precursor to the wonders of the DMV. 😉

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