White girl can’t tan

At least this white girl can’t. I mean seriously – did I not learn my lesson from O.A.C when I put vaseline on my shoulders and got second degree burns and ended up passing out?  Or maybe when I put tanning oil on my legs and arms when I was 24 and sat outside and swam all day and couldn’t stand for 24 hours because I kept fainting from the pain I was in?

Nope – I didn’t learn my lesson.  I am fair-skinned, but I crave the sun, I crave heat like no ones business.  When GBF and I decided to take our first trip to the Caribbean in 2007 I thought I would play it safe – I went to a tanning salon to get a base so my poor white skin wouldn’t go crispy from the hot Caribbean sun!  I lasted three minutes and then ended up with heat rash so bad I thought I would scratch my skin off before I even got on the plane. 

I have played it very sun safe ever since.  I lather myself with SPF 60 a million times a day while in the Caribbean and I make sure I have a sun hat to protect my head.  In fact I have been to the Caribbean four times and I have never come back with a burn (or even a tan for that matter). 

This year I am going to Cuba with K and family and I am super excited to just spend a week relaxing since my last Caribbean trip didn’t quite go as planned.  I have decided I want a tan.  I mean normal people get to tan.  K is a bronzed beauty when she comes back and I want to be golden too! 

K told me about Tropical Rayz in Markham, ON. where they have a bed that shouldn’t do too much damage to my heat rash prone body.  When I went there I explained my situation and they placed me in the bed that said would do the least amount of damage.  First tanning time – 7 minutes.  No rash!  WOOHOO!

Second tanning time – 8 minutes.  I am burnt on my back and chest!  UGH!  Here I go again!  I am giving my body a short break from the tanning and will return on Wednesday.  I talked to K about it and she told me I am in the wrong bed and gave me the instructions to tell the salon when I go back. 

I will try, but I am very frustrated that it doesn’t seem like I will ever be golden 😦

Keep in touch and I will keep you updated on my tanning disaster success!

XOXO Nikilee


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