Happy New Year

As I sit in my bed thinking about what I can even write that will truly emphasise how I am feeling, I look over at my naked Christmas tree and am grateful I took down all the decorations and organized them into labelled boxes a few days ago.  Having a huge task to complete in early 2013 seems daunting to me now as exhaustion is settinng in.  LOL

I am also enjoying the fact I can see my Christmas tree so clearly!  I got LASIK on Thursday and I am loving my new sight!!  I can drive, read, watch tv all without my glasses!  It is something I have wanted for a while and thanks to my amazing father I could finally afford to have the surgery completed!  I recommend LASIK MD to anyone.  This may be a plug, but seriously they have been great every step of the way.

Seeing my luggage on the floor reminds me that I have a trip coming up and trust me that alone is enough to make me reveal in the 2013 glow everyone seems to be having!!  I am a horrible packer, I should have K pack for me.  I have way to much packed already and I still have 12 days left before I leave.  I can’t wait to play with Chase in the water!!

Some of you may be wondering why the hell is Nikilee alone on New Years, why is she blogging so close to midnight??  It is a choice I made after two plans had fallen through.  I had no desire to make more plans.  I decided instead to chill out and watch my PVR that was full of great shows waiting to be watched.

I was going to go to K’s and celebrate with her and some friends, but unfortunately her husband invited MiMo and the new girl over and the desire to see them together and kiss at midnight actually had me feeling sick and that was not something I wanted for 2013 so I bailed out of that one.

I was going to visit E, but poor Cairo is still so sick so I am leaving her to enjoy her time with her pup so that fell through too.

I had other friends who asked me to come by and hang out, but in the end, my exhaustion from going non-stop the past few days over powered my desire to party like it was 1999.  There will be no rum and red-bull, no noise makers and no hangover tomorrow – wait is that a bad thing??  Ahhhh nope!  Not for me!  Tomorrow I can wake up and enjoy my last day of holidays and complete all the little things I still want to do.

So here I am, blogging, updating Facebook (and deleting people off Facebook – always hurts a bit) and hoping that everyone who reads this has a blissful, safe New Year.  Remember my friends, don’t drink and drive…take a cab or call your mom – anything to stay safe.

XOXO Nikilee


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