I need a tape recorder

I need  a tape recorder because my best blogs come to me late at night when my overactive brain should be sleeping.  I’m lying in bed, snuggled under the blankets and BAM a great blog comes to me and I start writing the whole thing in my head.  Of course by the time I wake up I have no idea what I have thought about, not even the title to try to push through the memory. So when it comes to sitting down and writing this blog, you get morning Nikilee, whom I don’t feel writes nearly as well as nighttime Nikilee.  It’s sad and I promise to be better for you all in 2013!

Last night I was thinking of ways to tell you about someone who may become pretty special to me.  I’m gonna call him Irish guy right now.  Since joining Match.com (again for reasons I can’t talk about yet) I have found very few guys that were worthy of even a wink let alone communicating with.  I either wasn’t physically attracted to them or their profile didn’t strike a chord.  But then I saw Irish guy’s profile and he is cute – really cute, and we seem to have a lot of initial things in common so I winked – what could I lose.  The next day he winked back (success).  I sent an email to say hi, he emailed me his personal email address so we could stop using Match as our means of communication.  I emailed him again and we have emailed every single day since boxing day.  Through our talking we have discovered a tonne more that we have in common and he makes me smile – something I haven’t truly done since the summer.  I haven’t told him the steel walls that are bruised and damaged I have up around me, but maybe I won’t have to.

Because I am leaving for Cuba in a few days (Saturday CANNOT come soon enough) we are keeping our contact through email and I am not going to push for any more, but hopefully once I come back, we can talk and then meet. 

We are taking things slow – I mean, clearly I jump into relationships way to quickly and then get my foot caught when forced to jump out.  Maybe if I go slow – and tread carefully, my heart will be safe.  However, I am not a dater, I don’t date lots of guys and see where things go, I am not that girl.  I’d love to be – I have a couple of girlfriends who have had a string of guys lined up for dates in a given week – but to me that sounds exhausting.  I am a relationship girl.  Always have been.  So far Irish guy seems like he is a relationship guy to, no BS from him so far.  When he says he will message he does – so far so good – I’ll keep you posted.

2013 seems pretty relaxing so far, a bit boring, but it’s January – I dislike snow and cold and wet and hockey so nothing about this year has excited me except for talking with Irish guy.  Next week is Cuba though and THAT will excite me!

Have a great week

XOXO Nikilee


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