Dating online adventures continue

So after closing my page with (I mean really after seeing my scammer BACK on Match with another name but EXACT same profile), I decided it was time for me to move on.  I’m still connected until the end of February when my contract with them ends, but I have zero faith that I will contact anyone from that site ever again and when I see Match commercials on tv I want to throw my remote at it (but I don’t because I am trying really hard to stop throwing things, I mean I am not a two-year old I really should stop acting like it).

My friend NYU girl has met a tonne of guys from Go Cupid which is a free site, so yesterday while twiddling my thumbs bored out of my mind, I signed up and filled out parts of the questionnaire.  I still have a few sections to fill out (that damn self-summary will be the death of me) but I added a couple of pics and answered what seemed like a million personality questions.  I downloaded the free app to my phone and thought “here I go again”.

I haven’t really played around on that site yet, haven’t taken any real look at the guys profiles, but I am trying REALLY hard to keep an open mind.  At the same time, I feel like at this point I am going to be picky. I mean if I can be thirty-two and single I think I should have high expectations and be a bit picky.  I know I am not the hottest thing since burnt toast, but I am a catch.  I have a lot going for me and someone special is going to be pretty lucky to snatch me off my feet!

This morning I had an email from go cupid explaining someone emailed me.  I saw the guys pic and wasn’t immediately impressed.  I read his profile and it was filled with his bragging about how amazing he is at oral sex!  I mean that’s great and all, but really – in your self summary you feel a need to talk about that – we are not a match my friend.  I find guys who brag about their expertise” are usually the ones who are horrible and have none.  Then this guy talks about his physical disability.  I look back at the pictures – and he is in a wheelchair!  I had to take a step back for  a minute.  I had to think would I date someone in a wheelchair?  I didn’t know the answer right away.  I want to think I would, that I wouldn’t discriminate based on ability, but after having spent almost ten years taking care of my dad, I honestly don’t want to take care of someone else, no matter how abled they are – they would still require some assistance.

I won’t be responding to this man, thankfully it isn’t because of his abilities or lack there of – he just writes in a way that doesn’t interest me at all, that was actually a huge turn off.  Tonight since I have some time I will review some of the matches on go cupid as well as Eharmony which I still have a profile for and see if anyone catches my eye.

Time will tell…




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