What happens when there are a few guys??

So I have been talking to a couple of guys lately. HMMMM…two friends of friends and two guys online (I am 99.9% sure they are real this time)

R is a guy I have been out with a couple of times and even though things haven’t really progressed anywhere I still think he is really cute and has that bad boy look that I am sure my father would hate instantly, which is kind of appealing (to him and other members of my family no one will ever compare to GBF, but they need to get over it)! 

A is a new guy I was introduced to by another friend and I will be seeing him this Friday.  We are going to hang out with some of his friends at one of their houses and go for a steam – ya this house has a freaking steam room!  WARMTH!  He is not looking for anything serious and we are really hanging out as friends, but I guess time will tell if anything moves beyond that.  I am really looking forward to  the steam room – having some new guy see me in a bathing suit – not so much!

Then there are the two guys online who really I just talk to.  Nothing romantic or anything – not even flirty so I have no idea where there interest level lies and I don’t know where mine lies either.  I do know that the one guy PF is cute and we seem to have a lot in common and I have seen about 10 pics of him on his profile and he messages me at all times of day, so I doubt he is an African in a hut waiting to take all my money!  HA!

So I don’t know what my feelings are for any of these gentlemen and I have no idea what there feelings are for me, so I guess we will see and I will keep you updated – for now, it’s nice to have people to talk to and possible options.  I am being a lot pickier this time around!

XOXO Nikilee


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