The Dating Game

Somehow when I was younger and I pictured the 32-year-old me, I never once saw me staring at a cell phone wondering why it wasn’t ringing or beeping with a text message (okay not to date myself but really text messages weren’t that popular when I was 19, but I did have a pager).

However,  having seen PF twice now – once on Valentines Day – I haven’t heard from him since. He responds casually to my texts but we just had a long weekend and I not only didn’t see him at all, but I never even heard from him. Clearly that chemistry, or what we want from each other, differs.

I find this dating game so strange. When did men start to believe it was okay to talk to someone everyday for a few weeks, flirt and tease and joke, see someone and then drop off the face of the planet??  Men, listen up – it is not okay to do that. It is NEVER okay to do that. Now if I had slept with PF I would be freaking out right now, worried that I had made a mistake, but I didn’t, so I am just accepting our fate for what it is.

My friend NYU girl has many of the same issues, a man who clearly likes her, takes her out (but granted we are guessing he is a bit of an alcoholic) messages her and acts happy to see her, just stopped trying and being the sweet guy he was. It makes no sense. She is gorgeous and has so many things going for her and it bewilders me that men would treat her like she is replaceable! NYU girl and I talk on end about the insanity going on in the world of dating I swear it’s no wonder we even bother! I have read “He’s Just not that Into You” and “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” and numerous other dating and relationship guides and a lot of the time it blames the woman (shockingly these books are written by men) for hanging on and not seeing the signs, but don’t we have to give people a chance? Don’t we have to make some kind of effort??

Not any more. I can’t. I’m bored. I want to be chased. I want a man to run after me and not stop running till he catches me. If that never happens, then it never happens, I hope one day I can be okay with that and accept it.

I don’t think I want to do this anymore, I have other plans, plans few know about it, plans I thought might change with this whole dating thing, but if anything they are solidifying those plans. These will be discussed in the spring/summer so please stay tuned.

Things with R were never going to work out because he is not serious enough about us to consider a relationship + he was matched with my friend C and that would have been SO awkward had they started dating. LOL…*shuddering*. He is just not that into me, and I adore him as a friend so I am cool with keeping things that way. I want him to be happy and because we are friends I will get to see that through one day!

No one else is really on my radar. Maybe if I stop looking online Mr Right will show up – maybe not – but I am pretty sure I am okay now with Mr Right Now unless/until Mr Right comes along.

XOXO Nikilee


One thought on “The Dating Game

  1. Yup. I’ve read both of those books, and I hate dating. I’m building my life so that there is not even any room for a man. I feel like that’s the best thing for me right now. My Mom always tells me that the right one will come when I’m least expecting it. Well, I’m not expecting it and haven’t been for a while, so more on that later I guess. Haha

    The future holds all, and I’m sure you’ll find a great guy who will treat you like you deserve to be treated (and not ghost on you after a couple of dates). You could meet him tomorrow! That’s the only thing I like about the whole dating thing… the mystery and the suspense. You could meet Mr. Right tomorrow morning, a week from now… it’s a surprise. But a good kind. 🙂

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