Wednesdays vent

Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my anxiety, maybe it’s just who I am, but my frustration level at certain companies is hitting an all time high! When my family was away for their first ever family vacation to Florida, their house was broken into.  Now a majority of the stuff that was taken is replaceable.  Completely replaceable, no matter how upset my nieces and nephew are that their computer and video games are gone.  

However, the thieves also stole my sister-in-laws brand new iPhone 4S.  She just got it at Christmas, replacing her old blackberry.  She loved her new phone and it sucks that it was stolen.  When she came home from her vacation she called her phone company (can I, or should I, say it on here….mmmmm maybe not – for now) and they said there is nothing that can do.  If she wants to buy out her contract it would cost her like $400.00.  They said if they replaced every stolen phone they would go out of business.  However they did reactivate her old blackberry free of charge – how nice of them, they reactivated an old blackberry that was a piece of shit to begin with! 

I absolutely hate calling companies with automated systems! I just keep pressing 0 or yelling 'agent' until a real person comes to the phone.

Listen, I get how a business works – it works on profits.  If they gave EVERY one who had their phone stolen, a replacement they would go belly up.  HOWEVER, a business also works on satisfied customers.  I haven’t been satisfied with this “company” for a long time now.  My sister-in-law is also not a happy camper.  Here is my debate: if you are at a club, or on vacation and you “lose” your phone, misplace it, whatever, I totally understand not replacing it.  

HOWEVER, when a home is broken into, a phone is stolen and a police report is filed, I feel like this is a legitimate reason to REPLACE a phone – especially when the customer has been a customer for 15 years and has ALL her services with this one company.  I would think, from a business stand point, that keeping that one customer happy would be a priority.  Maybe she didn’t play hard ball?  I don’t know, my sister has SO many battles right now; I really hope she does call this “company” back though and explains that when her contract is up with this company she will be cancelling ALL of her services and transferring to the enemy.  Maybe then they will sit up and listen.  Maybe not, I mean this is a huge company with hundreds of thousands of customers – losing one, isn’t much to their bottom line.

Why do we complain so much about the government and taxes,yet allow cell phone and cable companies to ass-rape us sideways with a studded metal pole?

My poor family also had that brand new minivan, (that broke down on our Black Friday trip) break down again the night before they left for Florida.  They can’t catch a break.  They are now suing the car company for the total cost of the car ($40,000) through the “lemon” law.  I pray they win, because I have said this car company sucks for years now and no one ever listens to me.  At least I have finally been proven right! 

Any companies in particular bugging you lately – please vent to me! 

XOXO Rogers…oops I mean Nikilee

Welcome to the world little girl

Back in 1999 when I was a young 18, I fell in love with Filipino boy and immediately fell in love with his family to which at the time consisted of mom, dad and Ate.  

Through thick and thin, his family loved and supported me and my dreams and when Filipino boy and I finally separated in 2004, they remained my family.  That kind of love doesn’t disappear at the end of a relationship.  I am fortunate.  Through the years, I have proudly stood by Ate’s side at her wedding to D, watched proudly as she became a mom for the first time and celebrated mom and dad when they bought their first house in Canada!  

Ate, gave me one more special gift last week – she brought another beautiful, healthy baby into the world.  Chloe Issabel is only a few days old, but along with the rest of Filipino boy’s clan, she has captured my heart and soul and I am forever her Tita! 


Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Hello Tita!

Hello Tita!

Ate and D are amazing parents and through thick and thin – will master being the parents to a little girl – they have already done SO well with little J.  Little J is a great big brother and Mom and Dad are the best grandparents any kid could ask for.  I love them all and I look forward to watching Chloe grow up and chase around her big brother – who I guess now is big J!

Big J with Little C

Big J with Little C

Tita please stop taking my picture - you're creeping me out!

Tita please stop taking my picture – you’re creeping me out!


XOXO Nikilee

I had a “GOOD” childhood

According to Google, good means “To be desired or approved of”.  My childhood was ideal.  I had two parents whom I knew loved me, a brother, a dog, a three-bedroom house on a nice street and was involved in many extra-curricular activities. 

However, most of my friends had the same…what they had, that I did not was the presence of family vacations.  Whether that was Florida in the winter or England in the summer, my friends travelled with their families. 

My dad is not a travelling man.  He was a working man and a golfing man.  He did not want to go on vacations with his wife and children to see the sights or become cultured, it is not who he is.  My mom probably would have gone anywhere had her husband said “let’s go”. 

I never really felt deprived at the time because I didn’t know any different.  Once when I was four or five, my brother had a soccer tournament in Niagara Falls, ON.  A short two-hour drive from Toronto, but my dad brought my mom and me with them.  I don’t remember that trip at all.  I was too young.  I have lots of pictures from it, where we are all smiling and happy, but nothing like that ever occurred again.  

When I turned 24 and had some money in my pocket, GBF took me to New York City and two years later Dominican Republic.  I have since been to Cuba twice, Bahamas and back to the DR again.  I have also been to Chicago, Montreal, Cleveland and Niagara Falls about a 287 times, give or take a few.  I have the travel bug.  I love it.  I will travel anywhere, anytime I can.  

My brother however has not caught the bug.  He went to Florida with his best friend when he was a teenager and then went to St. Lucia on his honeymoon almost 25 years later.  I always thought it was sad.  He seemed more interested in golfing and working, just like my dad.  Spending time away with the kids and his wife is not a priority.  This isn’t a bad thing.  He works hard and his family loves him – just like we loved my dad regardless of our lack of travelling together. 

But a few weeks ago, I got the surprise of a lifetime.  T told me her and my brother were planning a Disney vacation with the kids!  DISNEY!!!!  Not only that, but they were driving down so my oldest niece would go too (she is TERRIFIED of flying).  Now, this was enough to catch my breath and bring a sweet tear to my eye, but then I found out they were going after March Break so it was less expensive and less busy!  REALLY?  My brother was allowing his children to miss a week of school – on purpose!!!  I know most of you don’t know my brother, but this put him in the hero category in my eyes! 

Funny Family Ecard: This family needs to start spending entirely too much time together.

The cherry on top of all of this, is that my mom is going with them.  She is retired and hasn’t really gotten to spend quality time with her grandchildren since she was living up in Bobcaygeon until a few months ago so this will be a great adventure for her and a great chance to really get to know her daughter-in-law and grandchildren!  

Of course me being the lovely smart-ass child I am, teased her mercilessly about how her son is a back seat driver and the kids are crazy, but I am genuinely so happy for all of them.  They get to do what my brother and I never did – spend quality time together as a family doing something special. 

I received a text from both my mom and brother and the drive down was good and they made great time, everyone was happy.   

Next month, I will get the same with my mom and Aunt G.  We are going to Vegas!  VEGAS BABY 

XOXO Nikilee

And…I’m done

So I am well aware that I have said this on my blog and to numerous friends numerous times, but as far as me and online dating goes – I’m over it. I’m done. Just for kicks, I joined 4 dating sites – 2 paid and 2 unpaid and while I was actually more impressed with the looks of the men from the free sites, neither had what I was looking for. However on both the paid and unpaid sites I found men who declared they wanted their last first date and wanted nothing more than a loving relationship, based on love and honesty – yet when I went on dates with these men, it was pretty clear that was not what they were looking for.

It's not me, it's you.

So I’m done. I know, I know there are men on these sites who ARE looking for that, and you have to dig through the weeds to find the flowers, but seriously I don’t have the time or the energy to do that. Relationships are work – a lot of work, I am MORE than willing to work and fight for my relationship, but dating – dating should be easy, at least in my mind. Dating should be fun and breezy and romantic and if it’s not, then right now, I don’t want to date.

Funny Breakup Ecard: I feel like we've grown apart over the last few hours.

After my second “second” date with a guy last week with no follow-up phone call I decided I had enough. I deleted every profile I have up and have made the conscious decision that if I am going to meet someone – my “one” – then it will have to be natural, a set-up from a friend, a chance meeting in the coffee line or some other way, other than chit-chat and meeting online.

This has been great, but I think I'll go back to doing whatever I want all the time.

If I am going to give up time with my family or my girlfriends it has to be worth it. R met my friend on match and as much as I am opposed to them dating for reasons obvious to those close to me, I am happy that they have found someone to enjoy their time with and I truly do hope they can make it work. Dating is supposed to make you happy. I’m not happy. I hope R and C are and I hope my other friends who have been fortunate to find love online remain happy. I just know for me, right now, that I am not going to find my love online so I hope everyone respects my decision to give up. Please don’t misunderstand – I have given up on online dating, I will never give up on love, because I love the idea of growing old with someone, of marriage, of family.

Funny Breakup Ecard: Sorry you didn't meet my ridiculously low standards.

For now, I am going to be content enjoying every moment I have with my friends. My fried Ro is having a baby any minute now – no seriously, she could be in labour as we speak! I will have a new “niece” to snuggle up to and breathe in so I have things to keep me busy, things that fulfill me, things that bring me joy. All I need in life right now is a little joy!

I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.

XOXO Nikilee

Funny Breakup Ecard: I know we haven't met but I think we should stop seeing each other.

And THIS is why I hate Groundhogs




Does this look like Spring to you?  These were taken yesterday.  The groundhog promised an early Spring!  This is NOT spring.  I don’t like snow, I don’t like slush and I despise being cold!  It makes me miserable and grouchy – especially when I am single and have no one to warm me up! 

I miss green grass, I miss birds and I even miss BUGS!  Yes, I will take the annoying bees and mosquitoes for a dose of sunshine and heat!  My poor baby tree is going to break if any more snow piles on it.  My snow boy is taking me for all my money (okay my dad’s money) because it seems he needs to come over every day and shovel me out! 

My arms, my poor weak arms, are sore from shovelling off my car.  This last bout of snow we received was wet and heavy and getting it off my car was a challenge.

As I was driving down the 401 yesterday I saw a young woman driving and all she had cleared off was her front window.  I wish it had been safe to take a picture and report her ass to the police because there is NO way she could see out her mirrors – any of them!  I drove in front of her because I was terrified she wouldn’t see me and crash into my beautiful car, and when I looked in my rearview mirror she looked very pretty – with her hair done and makeup done I am sure she didn’t want to ruin her pretty looks at 7:30 in the morning.  You know, I clearly didn’t care because I spent 15 minutes getting every flake off my car and came to work wet and worse for wear…but I didn’t come close to killing anyone so one point for me! 

Anyway, back to groundhogs – I know it’s tradition – February 2nd, the entire world where there is snow and cold watches and listens with anticipation of what that furry little creature will see (shadow V. no shadow) and this year I was happy that an early spring was predicted…until I saw reality – snow, snow and more snow.  Enjoy you winter people, you must be loving this!  Me, not so much.

Until next time – unless I get buried in snow and can’t type because of hypothermia,

XOXO Nikilee