Welcome to the world little girl

Back in 1999 when I was a young 18, I fell in love with Filipino boy and immediately fell in love with his family to which at the time consisted of mom, dad and Ate.  

Through thick and thin, his family loved and supported me and my dreams and when Filipino boy and I finally separated in 2004, they remained my family.  That kind of love doesn’t disappear at the end of a relationship.  I am fortunate.  Through the years, I have proudly stood by Ate’s side at her wedding to D, watched proudly as she became a mom for the first time and celebrated mom and dad when they bought their first house in Canada!  

Ate, gave me one more special gift last week – she brought another beautiful, healthy baby into the world.  Chloe Issabel is only a few days old, but along with the rest of Filipino boy’s clan, she has captured my heart and soul and I am forever her Tita! 


Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Hello Tita!

Hello Tita!

Ate and D are amazing parents and through thick and thin – will master being the parents to a little girl – they have already done SO well with little J.  Little J is a great big brother and Mom and Dad are the best grandparents any kid could ask for.  I love them all and I look forward to watching Chloe grow up and chase around her big brother – who I guess now is big J!

Big J with Little C

Big J with Little C

Tita please stop taking my picture - you're creeping me out!

Tita please stop taking my picture – you’re creeping me out!


XOXO Nikilee


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