Wednesdays vent

Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my anxiety, maybe it’s just who I am, but my frustration level at certain companies is hitting an all time high! When my family was away for their first ever family vacation to Florida, their house was broken into.  Now a majority of the stuff that was taken is replaceable.  Completely replaceable, no matter how upset my nieces and nephew are that their computer and video games are gone.  

However, the thieves also stole my sister-in-laws brand new iPhone 4S.  She just got it at Christmas, replacing her old blackberry.  She loved her new phone and it sucks that it was stolen.  When she came home from her vacation she called her phone company (can I, or should I, say it on here….mmmmm maybe not – for now) and they said there is nothing that can do.  If she wants to buy out her contract it would cost her like $400.00.  They said if they replaced every stolen phone they would go out of business.  However they did reactivate her old blackberry free of charge – how nice of them, they reactivated an old blackberry that was a piece of shit to begin with! 

I absolutely hate calling companies with automated systems! I just keep pressing 0 or yelling 'agent' until a real person comes to the phone.

Listen, I get how a business works – it works on profits.  If they gave EVERY one who had their phone stolen, a replacement they would go belly up.  HOWEVER, a business also works on satisfied customers.  I haven’t been satisfied with this “company” for a long time now.  My sister-in-law is also not a happy camper.  Here is my debate: if you are at a club, or on vacation and you “lose” your phone, misplace it, whatever, I totally understand not replacing it.  

HOWEVER, when a home is broken into, a phone is stolen and a police report is filed, I feel like this is a legitimate reason to REPLACE a phone – especially when the customer has been a customer for 15 years and has ALL her services with this one company.  I would think, from a business stand point, that keeping that one customer happy would be a priority.  Maybe she didn’t play hard ball?  I don’t know, my sister has SO many battles right now; I really hope she does call this “company” back though and explains that when her contract is up with this company she will be cancelling ALL of her services and transferring to the enemy.  Maybe then they will sit up and listen.  Maybe not, I mean this is a huge company with hundreds of thousands of customers – losing one, isn’t much to their bottom line.

Why do we complain so much about the government and taxes,yet allow cell phone and cable companies to ass-rape us sideways with a studded metal pole?

My poor family also had that brand new minivan, (that broke down on our Black Friday trip) break down again the night before they left for Florida.  They can’t catch a break.  They are now suing the car company for the total cost of the car ($40,000) through the “lemon” law.  I pray they win, because I have said this car company sucks for years now and no one ever listens to me.  At least I have finally been proven right! 

Any companies in particular bugging you lately – please vent to me! 

XOXO Rogers…oops I mean Nikilee


One thought on “Wednesdays vent

  1. Minivans are awful. I’ve only had bad experiences with them to be perfectly honest. As for the last graphic in your post, hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

    That is some pretty sucky customer service, no lie. The least they could do is let her add another new phone without making her pay the $400.00 for breaking the contract. That just adds insult to injury. I hope everything works out well for them as soon as the dust settles, thankfully nothing extremely precious was taken.

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