Baseball season

The smell of dew on the grass, soaking my new flip-flops and making me regret not bringing boots.

The crunch of gravel under my feet as I drag my lawn chair, purse, a clip board and a couple of pens the 15 minute walk from the parking lot to the diamond. 

The guys grunting their hello’s as they get in “game mode” (some of them clearly hung over as they down Gatorade and coffee at 8:00am). 

The wives and girlfriends hugging hello and chatting about kids, life and anything but baseball until baseball ACTUALLY starts at 9:30 am. 

The coach pacing the grounds until his latecomer finally show up with seconds to spare and threatening to bench him(typically GBF). 

The cold morning breeze giving way to a heat wave a couple of short hours later and jackets, sweaters and coffee cups being thrown everywhere.

Baseball season is beginning for my boys this month.  My ex’s, my friends husbands, my friends.  Every year for the past 6-7 years I have been a part of this time-honored tradition of spring and thoroughly enjoyed every. freaking. minute. of it.  This year, will be a bit different.  I have no boyfriend who is playing.  I have no one to follow.  I have no team I am dedicated to as all my friends bf’s and husbands are on different teams this year. 

I just looked at your roster and threw up in my mouth

I will be an outcast – the one who comes to watch, even though no man will be hitting home runs for me or kissing my forehead as they run on the field.  Am I sad?  No, not really.  Watching boyfriends play, having a certain team to follow to every game is exciting.  It brings a different level of contentment.  However, the early mornings will now be by choice, not force.  The cold, wet days will be spent inside realxing, not under a leaking blue tarp shivering.  I can pick and choose which guys to cheer for and which guys to boo and cuss out.  I can spend time with my girlfriends, chatting, drinking, smoking, whatever I want.  I no longer will be a score keeper.  I will not have arguments with the ump about whether we had 5 runs that inning or 6.  I will not have unsure, insecure girls running up to me from the other team to give me their line up only to change it five minutes later.  I will be a cheerleader.  I will be a visitor.  I will enjoy. 

Don't forget your baseball team can easily bounce back from a slow start to have an epic end-of-season meltdown

Yes this year will be different, but as long as the sun comes up and warms our beautiful diamonds, I will be there – showing my support to a great group of guys who have done nothing but be sweet and polite to me – their friend.

And also – GO JAYS GO!  A whole other reason to be freaking excited about ball season – professional ball is back too!!!!

 XOXO Nikilee


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