I’m learning so much

I have never been a pet owner – that hamster I owned when I was 13 doesn’t count – neither do the dozen fish I tried to keep alive all those years ago.  Being a pet owner is different from what I imagined.  Here are the top five things I have learned in just one week

1. When you own a pet, all of your neighbours, friends and family will want to come say hello Every day that i walk Simba we say hello to new people – people who would not be saying hello to me if I was walking down the street alone (though really WHY would I be walking down my street at 6:30 in morning alone, I just wouldn’t).

2. If you leave your pet alone for 8.5 hours and he’s a small dog with a small bladder – he will pee on YOUR side of the bed and on YOUR pillow because you know he wants to piss you off and teach you a lesson – idiot, all I learned was that your cute little ass is now being crated when I go to work!

3. They have an insatiable energy I can throw that ball once or one thousand times and he will always run and catch it and bring it back looking up at me hopelessly because the little bugger can’t throw it himself.

4. He will eat only when HE is hungry and not on your schedule, even if that means making you late for work I don’t understand how he is not starving in the morning but when we come back from our walk at 6:30 I put food in his dish and he will follow me around until I’m almost ready to leave and THEN he will decide he’s hungry and eat. 

5. I love him more than I ever imagined loving him and I just want him to be happy and healthy even if that means I don’t sleep or I need to throw the ball until my arm is sore or change my sheets after having JUST changed them.  I love Simba, he has changed my world, but my world is so cloudy and grey right now that his little bit of sunshine is just what I needed.

XOXO Nikilee

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