2012 in review

Today is my last day of work for 2012 – it is also the last day I will probably blog for 2012 because I start Christmas Vacation and my calendar is filled with family, friends and laser eye surgery.  I mean I could try blogging blind for the day I have my surgery – but that could be incriminating!

As I’m reflecting over this year and as much as the last few months have been emotionally trying both professionally and personally, I am glad this year happened.  I started this year thinking I would never be able to move past my relationship from GBF.  One wedding in the DR a month later and I was quickly falling head over heels with someone else and feeling completely released from my relationships from years past. 

Falling in love is such an amazing feeling and I have to admit I am in love with falling in love, but none of the guys I had dated in between GBF and MiMo could get me to feel anything further than friendship and admiration.  MiMo changed that and as much as it hurts that we didn’t work out, he did change my life – and my year!  So 2012 is over and I am hopeful that with the new year comes new opportunities to meet people.

I have spent some time with amazing friends and family!  Between the DR trip with K and family, Zumba with my sister-in-law and my NK nights, I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilled year in the friendship department.  I have also become extremely close to my gf at work A and have spent plenty of hours crying on her shoulder and laughing along with her at numerous activities throughout the year.

Work has been – well work.  I truly am blessed because I LOVE my job, I love working for the City I love, serving clients who need my help and seeing them reach goals set.  There have been times where I wanted to pull my hair out and kick and scream, but that had nothing to do with my job or the clients – that was an internal struggle and I have adjusted to that and moved on fairly unscathed.   I look forward to meeting new clients in 2013 and being given new opportunities to prove my worth in this field!

Finally, on a family note – my dad went through the whole year with no major catastrophes.  His heart behaved, the diabetes didn’t give him any more trouble then usual and I was able to get through all of 2012 without constant worry for him.  My father is my world (as I think most people know) and having him in it is my number 1 priority.  

I also have been able to work – lightly – on a new relationship with my mother.  There were a lot of years of hurt there to make up for, but since her husband passed away in March 2012 (may he R.I.P) I feel like I have my mom back.  We may have lost years as mother/daughter, but maybe we gain years as friends – as equals.  As partners in crime.  I look forward to our Vegas trip with my aunt G in April 2013.  Life with my parents is looking up.  I have not said that in YEARS!

My wish for my readers, friends and family for 2013 is for you all to have your greatest wish come true.  I hope you are able to find (or stay in) love, health and happiness.

XOXO Nikilee


House plants and photo albums

On my secrets of adulthood calendar today it states:

House plants and photo albums are a lot of trouble. 

I agree – 100%, which is usual for me with this calendar, but today I just smiled and nodded.

Ever since I entered first year University at Trent my mother has been giving me spider plant babies to grow and raise and she tried to convince me that these plants are proof I can get anything to grow.  They are easy she says.  Keep them in the sunlight, water then every few days, admire it and it will grow.  I did just that…every morning I would annoy my roommate by saying “good morning my love, here is some water for you today stay alive so my mother thinks more of me”!  And within a few weeks that damn plant was as dead as a doorknob never to see the light of day again.

It saddened me that my green thumb was not so green, that I couldn’t keep a damn plant alive that was basically fool-proof.  However, if I’m honest  – I just couldn’t care enough.  I don’t love plants, I love people.  I don’t care if a plant dies, I don’t weep for it and I certainly don’t worry if there is something wrong with ME!  So please, don’t give me anymore plants people, buy me flowers so that in 10 days when they die I will know at least I had ten days of beautiful flowers!

As far as photo albums are concerned: I love photo albums.  Nothing relaxes me more than organizing photos to input or taking the big jump and scrapbook an event that meant a lot to me.  However I did this a lot more when I was younger.  My camera was never far from my hand and I snapped everything.  I have a dozen or more photo albums + scrapbooks and I cherish each of them.  However the older I get, the less energy I have to A) get these pics developed and B) organize them so they tell my story. 

It is something I want to get back into though so hopefully in 2013 that will be a goal of mine for the year.  We will see how it goes!

XOXO Nikilee