The three C’s

Cats, cold and country…three things I don’t like! 

My visit to Bobcaygeon was “interesting”.  Lets just say that.  It was great to see my mother and my aunt and catch up with them, but my mom owns a cat, a very unattractive cat – a creepy freaky looking cat and my allergies went nuts!  Allergy pills were NOT helping yesterday, they never really do at her house and I don’t know why cause K’s cat never bothers me.  I thank God that this cat does not like strangers, it was never in site for more then the 15 seconds mom’s bf made her stay with us. 

The other problem is that my mother’s house is cold – I mean, wear a parka, start a fire, my fingers and toes are falling off cold!  I don’t know why, I mean her bf is unwell so you’d think warmth would be a priority, but it’s not, so it’s cold.  I was not warm from the moment I walked in the house until the moment I came home (my dad’s house is the opposite – a sauna)!

Then there is the third C, the country.  Now I like to visit the country – in the summer when I can go swimming in the lake, or tanning on the beach…but the country in winter sucks in my opinion. The only nice thing was walking down to the lake (at the end of her street) and going to see if there was any DUCKS.  There wasn’t…big shock!  I did get my Kawartha Dairy ice cream though – I was already cold, why not throw myself under the bus!  I am a CITY girl, I have said this over and over again throughout different blog topics and I am proud to be a city girl, I am not proud to be the daughter of a country girl…lol…how two people who are blood related could be so different is beyond me, but we are and I love her anyway!

It’s always nice to see my mom, especially at Christmas, but if I spend Christmas with my dad sick, I will be one very unhappy camper!

XOXO Nikilee