These are a few of my favourite – apps??

So a few months ago I switched from my beloved black berry to the iPhone 4S.  I was nervous that I would never develop the same bond with the iPhone that I did with the bb, but lo and behold, I have.  Thanks to the magical world of the Apple apps!

BB had apps, but iPhone, has the best apps EVER!  It seems like every week I fall in love with a new app.  Whether it be a game,  a way to find the latest movies in theaters or where all the Green P’s are located in the city, the Apple apps make life more fun and a heck of a lot easier.  Because I always love a Top 5 list, I am going to count down my top 5 apps!

Top 5 Apple Applications as determined by ME – Nikilee30

Instagram photo

1. Instagram: I have always seen people upload funky looking pics to Facebook, pictures that seems old or black and white, or really dark or bright and I had no idea how it was done – until I downloaded Instagram.  You can take pics that are black and white, with a slight golden tinge to them, framed, unframed with a olden day look to them etc.  I LOVE IT!  I am a total paparazzo! I love taking pics, and this allows me to make cool shots look even cooler!!! See the pic above – my sushi lunch, I love that I can make it seem more antique…

 2. Euchre Lite: When I went to the DR for K and J’s wedding, J’s family was always playing Euchre.  I had NO idea how to play Euchre at this point, in fact the game seemed so confusing and uninteresting that I didn’t pay them the least bit of attention.  My brother and sister-in-law also play Euchre a lot and they have never had a desire to teach me so I have ignored them to a great extent as well.  However, when I started dating Newbie, I knew I would have to learn at some point because his family clearly loves this game as does he.  I downloaded Euchre Lite for free and I slowly learned the rules and am now at a 46% win rate (I lost the first like 30+ games I played because I had NO idea what I was doing).  Now I win most games though and am becoming quite strategic in my gameplay.  I even played with Newbie, his dad and step-mom and while we didn’t win, we played well and I made some pretty good moves.  They also taught me some other things that a free computer game just can’t (or won’t as the case may be).  I really do enjoy this game now and I cannot wait to get better and maybe even play for money at some point!!!

3. Words with Friends: Like Euchre, I never saw the interest in Scrabble.  At all.  I didn’t play as a child and I felt no desire to play as an adult.  However, a few of my friends were playing “words with friends” so I decided I would download this free app and see where it took me.  I have played probably close to 50 games and I have not ever won – and you know what?  I don’t care!  I have so much fun making up words and seeing what words this app considers real words and not real words that I just play for fun and help other people’s scores increase!

Words with Friends Application

4. TD Canada Trust: Since the banks have decided to charge $2.00 for paper statements, I have cancelled that and now have the TD app so that I can see my account balances anytime of day and make transfers immediately.  I love this app.  It amazes my dad that just by flipping through my phone I can tell him how much I owe on my Visa, what my last bank transaction was and how much money is in my grandmothers accounts (I am on them – hence that ability).

5. Cineplex: I am a movie buff.  I love watching movies.  This app allows me to see trailers, find out what movies are playing where and at what time.  This means if I am hanging out in Ajax bored with nothing to do, I can see what movies are out and head down to the Cineplex in Ajax and watch a movie.  It’s a simple app but it has made my life just that much better and easier!

***Bonus*** I just downloaded this app this morning.  It’s called SoundHound.  Newbie has it and I love it.  So often when I am in the car or at home and a song comes on the radio and I cannot remember the name of the song or the person who sings it, but I know I want it to listen to on my iPod.  Now, all I have to do is turn on this app, give it 10 seconds or so and all of a sudden I have the name of the song, who sings it and a whole lot of other information on the artist.  I am one of those girls who can sing along to a variety of songs, but if you ask me what I am singing I will make up titles since I have no idea.  Now I don’t have to.  I can even sing or hum a song while soundhound is on and it will tell me the same information!  WOOHOO!  This is my bonus favourite app cause I cannot choose between the top 5 which one I want to switch with. 
Now you all know what apps I love and if you have a suggestion for other apps I may like, please pass them along!
Have a great Monday
XOXO Nikilee
***There’s an app for me – okay maybe not but there should be***