Always desire to learn something useful…

Always desire to learn something useful.

I got my ASL part 2 mark back:  A+!  Woo hoo!  That means two A+’s for ASL.  People ask why I want to learn sign language and I know my answer right off the bat.  I want to learn to communicate with people who can’t use English the way I do. 

So why not learn all the other languages??  Because in Canada the national languages are English and French.  So if you can’t speak those languages – learn.  People who are deaf cannot learn to speak in the same way that everyone else can.  So to learn how they communicate (even as little as I know now) is useful and helpful for me.  Besides I love what I have learned so far about deaf culture and the deaf community.  My two sign teachers at Seneca College have been wonderful, one hard of hearing, one deaf – and they have really taught me to embrace the beauty of Sign. 

I cannot wait till May when I will take the third part of this three part course.  I really want to volunteer with the Bob Rumball Centre in the next year so I need to get more fluent with my signs!

Wish me luck!

XOXO Nikilee