Majestic Colonial Part 1

Today is my last day of work for over a week!  Let me tell you, the last week at work has been hell.  I feel like I’ve been fighting with everyone and I am not enjoying waking up to come to work like I normally do.  This is a problem.  However I am thinking, I hate winter, I have bum problems, I’m broke, there is an impending lockout/strike looming over our heads and I am feeling very claustrophobic in my room.  All of these things are making me a bit antsy and moody so I am hoping when I get a whole lotta vitamin D next week it will rejuvenate me for the rest of winter and get me through what I need to do for the next couple of months.

Now, on to the great news!  This time tomorrow (8:00am) I will be in an airport limo headed to Pearson airport!  WOOHOO!  I cannot wait.  I get to help one of my favourite friends celebrate her marriage to her wonderful husband AND I get some quality sister time which a girl needs every now and then.  I have completed packing and I know my aunt wants me to weigh this suitcase, but I just can’t.  It’s embarrassing how much I pack.  I just have issues with downsizing.  Especially cause of the wedding, I need make up and spanx to hold in the rolls, different shoes, a strapless bra and my dress!  So really it’s harder to pack!!!  I am not really buying a lot of souvenirs because if my sister wants to buy stuff for kids then I don’t need to.  I just get to buy stuff for ME which is my favourite person to shop for anyway cause I am so easy to please. 

I cannot wait to be at the Majestic, I will blog photo’s when I get back.  Until then, I hope you all have a safe wonderful week and please *follow* my blog so you can tell when I get back! 

XOXO Nikilee


I love poppy’s little helper!

Last year it somehow came out that my oldest niece R liked to wrap presents.  My father, needing an excuse to be lazy, joked about her helping him.  She fell hook, line and sinker and wrapped all of his gifts to the family (except to herself obviously).  This year the exact same thing happened.  It has become a new tradition.  R comes over, they eat Swiss Chalet – her favourite – and they turn on the Christmas tunes and wrap gifts all night until they are complete. 

Now, normally I would complain that my father does nothing and he needs to do things for himself, but he gets such a kick from her coming over and spending time with her that I can’t say anything.  I only wish I was able to have had that kind of relationship with my own grandfather (who passed when I was 6) so I bite my tongue and let them have at it. 

She loves it too.  She loves feeling helpful, and being in charge *a bit like her aunt much*  lol…this weekend was extra special because it was her 13th birthday weekend!  My niece is a teenager – two down, one left to go!  She is so small and child like that it is very hard for me to believe she is a teenager.  I mean I remember turning 13 in 7th grade and I thought I was so cool and so old – and R – well she’s just not and doesn’t even pretend to be.  I was all into clothes and friends and being outside of my fathers home…and her, well it’s the opposite.  For this I am kind of grateful.  She’s so precious and I am so proud to be her aunt and I know my dad just adores her.  She will have these memories her entire life and that is a gift I cannot deny either of them!

XOXO Nikilee