Happiness to me…

This past weekend proved to be a great example of what happiness is to me.  Saturday afternoon I spent a lovely two hours at the Sony Centre in Toronto watching Toopy and Binoo.  If you don’t know who these lovely characters are, please google them because I love them!  Now, watching T&B was not what made the day so great, it was my dates.  YES DATES – PLURAL.  I am supposedly a hot commodity – at least in the little kid market!  I took the lovely Ms. J and her best friend Ms. V. 

I showed up to Ms. J’s house and she was dressed in a bright red dress, blue tights and knee-high brown boots!  She was rocking this somewhat unconventional style for a four-year-old.  When Ms. V came over she was dressed in a black, white and pink party dress, white tights with black ballet flats.  Very pretty. The two girls couldn’t be more different, but they are best friends and absolutely adore each other! I felt severely under dressed in black track capris and a white sweater with moccasins.    However their smiles and squeals of delight as we drove downtown were evident of a good day to come! 

Both girls watched the show from my knees (yes I had 2 four-year olds on my lap) eating popcorn and drinking juice (for Ms. V) and pop (for Ms. J and myself). 

They were playing with my hands and every time T&B left the stage they looked at me with big wide eyes terrified the show was over.  I had to explain to them numerous times that the show wasn’t over until T&B said good-bye!  They felt much better about that!  When it was over we all waved goodbye to the loveable characters and then held hands and walked outside into warm sun and walked over to the patio where the girls dads were waiting, Caesars in hand with one for me as well and the girls told them every minute of the show and sitting on my knee and eating popcorn and well – everything.   I smiled and added in a comment or two, with Ms J still planted firmly on my lap, but Ms. V snuggled in tight with her dad (poor kid barely knows me). 

Sunday I woke up craving some love and snuggles and I knew EXACTLY who to call.  My favorite Filipina has two amazing children Big J and Lil C who are so loveable and are always up for hugs and kisses from their Tita! 

I went by around 3:30 and spent three and a half hours holding Lil C and playing chess and Black Ops with Big J.  I smiled the whole time (minus the 15 minutes I was playing Black Ops and got blown to bits from Big J “by accident”).  

By the time I arrived home at 7:00 pm last night, I had realized truly how happy I am right now, spending time with my friends, my family and my little ones.  I cannot wait to spend some more time with Chase and Jake, my two littles whom I don’t get to spend much time with!  Maybe in the weekends to come! 

XOXO Nikilee