Apartment Hunting…

I know what you are thinking, I just got a brand new basement apartment, but alas, this is not for me.  Since Biker Dude passed away last Spring my mom decided she wanted to move back to the city – back to civilization…lol…sorry I know I gotta stop hating on the country. 

Anywho…lol…my relator friend J showed me three basement apartments in Scarborough and Pickering, and thankfully we saved the best for last (in Pickering).  It wasn’t perfect, but it was good.  My mom could definitely make it work. 

But then, as I stopped off at makimono to grab some food for dinner, my oldest friend in the world messaged me saying she is renting her bsmt and I am going to see it tonight!  So right now I have two plausible options!  YAY!  If I can find her a place by the weekend I will be a very happy lady.

The first place I looked at yesterday almost made me laugh.  It was a bsmt apartment that shared an entrance with the owners.  She would have to go through their home to get to the bmst.  It was super tiny and the fridge was next to the bathroom because the kitchen is built-in against a wall.  They don’t accept cats at all (which most places I am finding don’t) and they barely spoke English.  In fact the kids were showing off the apartment because the mom doesn’t speak English at all.  I was sure that this was not the place for her and we left immediately. 

The second place was alright, but you can tell the contractor who did the basement was in a hurry and did things half-assed.  It had three rooms, but a tiny little living room.  Nope – try again.

The third place was nice, clean and in a great neighbourhood.  The landlords were east indian, spoke perfect English, seemed extremely friendly and the rent, while a little high for such a small place, was doable.

But my hopes are for my friend’s place – because I like knowing who lives upstairs and it will give me a good chance to see my mom and my friend and her family more often!

Wish me luck

XOXO Nikilee

P.S Have a great weekend!