A little bit of Christmas in my life

With two days left before Black Friday shopping, my tree up and decorated, some gifts bought and placed in the christmas bags they will be wrapped in, and the Pillsbury sugar cookies bought and placed in the freezer, I am ready for Christmas. 

My American money is exchanged, the orders have gone out to my sister-in-law and her cousin  who are shopping with me this year, and my bag is partially packed – lightly of course so I can fit gifts in it!!  I have lots of rules that I have implemented since starting this tradition – and it’s because I am a seasoned shopper now!

1. Pack a big suitcase lightly so you can store some gifts in it on the way home so as not to cram the trunk with random bags

It will never look this neat! EVER

2. Dress lightly but keep the extremities warm – I wear tights and a sweater with uggs and gloves so my toes and fingers are warm, but I don’t overheat so I am too uncomfortable

3. Use one empty suitcase on wheels to pack bags in as you shop so as not to be stuck lugging bags all over the place.  When I had GBF it was no problem as he would carry bags or run to the car to dump them, but now with all us ladies – we need the suitcase

<—much easier to carry

4. Park the car WAY before shopping begins so you get a spot and take the shuttle bus to the mall. This way you aren’t spending time driving around for an hour looking for a place or parking 10 miles away.

5. Don’t drink coffee – at least for me.  Coffee gives me an immediate jolt, but I crash quickly, I need to fight through the exhaustion and get my second wind!  I always do!  😉

I am excited.  I love Black Friday shopping.  This tradition started in 2006 when me and GBF were dating and our anniversary fell over the same weekend.  We would go to Buffalo – changing to Grove City two years later – and shop and celebrate for four whole days!  We would shop all Thursday night and Friday and then go to a nice restaurant and enjoy each other’s company for Saturday and Sunday.

Last year T and Crazy Cat Lady came with me since me and GBF were barely on speaking terms and we had a great time!  This year its T and her cousin, and I am sad CCL isn’t coming!  I’ll miss her but I’ll make the best out of it! 

All my Christmas shopping WILL be done by Saturday which gives me ALL of December to wrap the gifts and deliver them to the right homes.

Cannot wait!  As much as I love shopping, I also love shopping for others – getting the perfect gift!  And it’s the only time of year my anxiety doesn’t go into overdrive with crowds and heat from the stores…


XOXO Nikilee


Oh Buffalo Wild Wings has come to Canada!!

I am so happy I could cry, okay maybe not cry, but internally there is a lot of jumping for joy.  Here is my story: back in 2008 my friend Kat went to school in Moon Township P.A.  Me and the ex were friends with her and her bf at the time so we went and visited her there.  They took us out to dinner at this amazing wing place (Buffalo Wild Wings).  We got take out and ordered some sauces to go.  The wings were So. Freaken. Good.  We loved it there.  Every time we went to P.A to see her or to shop we would stop by BWW and grab wings and sauce! 

In Nov 2011 when I went with sister-in-law and crazy cat lady to Grove City for Black Friday Shopping, I took them to BWW and we ate in and ate so much food there was an embarrassing gas issue on the way back to the hotel.  (I know too much info – but really, the food is THAT good). 

Well last night, the ex finally had a day off work, and since I am leaving for the Dominican in 3 more days (YAY!) we decided to have dinner.  I told him to choose the restaurant cause really, I choose Makimono every time I am told to choose where to eat.  We drove and drove and drove and finally I realized we were in Oshawa.  What the heck does Oshawa have that Scarborough doesn’t??  A BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

I did NOT know this.  It’s pretty much exactly the same as the one I have tried in the states.  From the sports bar theme to the yellow and black uniforms to the wings in paper dishes.  Fantastic.  It’s located at 800 West King Street in Oshawa.  I mean it’s possible that Wild Wings is just as good, but I have never been there so I don’t know.  But I do enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings.  The service was great, our waitress was sweet (pretty blond wearing a breast cancer bracelet that said “I love Boobies”), and there was tonnes of tv’s playing the leafs game – we won, and a couple of different Basketball games.  I can totally see me there in the summer, on the patio eating wings and drinking margaritas (I don’t like beer – sorry). 

I hope you all have a great HUMP day!

XOXO Nikilee

Has it really been two weeks!

Two weeks ago today K, T and me went BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING in Grove City PA.  Driving 4+ hours with two of my favourite ladies and then shopping from 10 pm to 5:30 am is AWESOME.

I learned my  sister-in-law can keep up with us shopoholics *yes K I mean you too*.  We shopped till we dropped literally, then we woke up and started shopping all over again.  Three full days of driving and shopping and my sis was still in great spirits wants to do it all over again next year!  She found great deals – as we all did – and the only down side was, I couldn’t shop for her because she was with me!!! 

I also learned that buying an inflatable mattress that has a foot pump can be a good investment.  When I originally booked the hotel it was just me and sis going.  K agreed to come after I booked so I didn’t have  a bed for her.  I decided instead of changing hotels to a bigger room (ours was 5 minutes from the outlet) that I would get a mattress and she could sleep on that.  The foot pump – once we figured out how it worked – was actually really easy and pretty comfortable all things considering.  Sis ended up sleeping on the mattress but she was fine with it. 

Food – American food – is evil.  Evil in the best way possible.  We ate at the Eat n Park everyday for breakfast.  The sausage, caramel apple strudel pancakes, hot chocolate, coffee etc was all yummy!  K and sis loved breakfast too.  And boy it was cheap!  Nothing better than cheap, yummy breakfast!  For dinner we had Subway subs at the Kwik Fill gas station Thursday night – everywhere is closed on Thanksgiving!!!!  But even still, it was edible and satisfying!  But Friday night, I gave the girls a treat.  I took them into Pittsburgh PA for more shopping and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  We had everything that is NOT weight watchers acceptable!  LOL…and loved every minute of it!  We actually had left overs there was so much food!

***and just so you know I still lost 2.1 pds that week!***

Driving home was hard, I am not going to lie.  The ex used to drive these long trips and this was my first one.  Coming home I was so exhausted I could feel my eyes closing – thank GOD traffic was not busy.  I woke up completely when we got to the border and was grateful that we only had a little bit to pay in taxes.  When we got home and I was able to drop K and T home, I came back to my home, in my bed, looked at all the bags, turned the lights off and went to bed.  Bags of presents and shoes and clothes for me is not something I wanted any part of that night!

I hope you all get to enjoy Black Friday at some point in your life, it is something you won’t want to miss!  See you next year Grove!

XOXO Nikilee