5 things I won’t do in 2012

So I am stealing this headline from another blogger on wordpress because their blog got me thinking…we all try to set goals for the year – lose weight, quit smoking, be happier etc, etc.  I’ve decided to let you in on the 5 things I have done in the past and aim to NOT do in 2012.

1. I will not be a pity party.  I had such a miserable 2010 and 2011 that I feel my poor friends have had to listen to more “poor me” stories than any nice person should have to handle.  I get it, I’ve had a couple of rough years, but some of those poor me stories were my own doing and some weren’t.  I will not have a poor me attitude this year! 

2. I will not buy or wear shoes that leave me crippled. Now as ladies know, we all buy shoes at some point that look really cute, but when we go to wear them, our toes pinch, our heels blister or the balls of our feet ache so bad we end up walking bare foot the whole night.  I have bought many of these shoes – really, I have bought A LOT of these shoes!  When I move into my dad’s basement I am going to go through all of my shoes and if I can’t walk in them for over an hour – they are being pitched…I will have no more shoes that are sit down shoes – mainly because I love to be social and dance and gossip so having sit down shoes are useless to me.

3. I will not be a pushover.  I have allowed people to talk down to me or insult me “accidently on purpose of course” my whole life.  2012 – it’s done.  If someone says a snide remark to me – at work or at home – watch out!  Nikilee is over the drama and if you wanna start it, I am going to finish it!

4. I will not date another guy just to be dating.  I have friends that date because they must have men in their lives.  I don’t feel this way and never have, but society and peer pressure makes me think I should.  I understand that many wonderful relationships have started online, but for me – I don’t think that is going to happen.  I like my relationships to take a more natural route.  So sorry match and eharmony, but you will no longer have my money, it’s staying in my pocket – and if I have to be the crazy cat lady with no cats (I’m allergic after all) then so be it.  I can adopt babies!

5. I will not ever curse my father again.  Me and my father butt heads – A LOT!  We are similar people and we both know we are always right – right?!  We are stubborn and annoyed easily and usually this means we argue or fight or ignore each other when one of us has said or done something that pissed us off.  Usually I will go sulking to my room and cuss him out under my breath, but having almost lost him last summer, no matter how annoyed or angry I get at him – and I will – I will not curse his name ever again! 

My question for you all: What will you NOT do in 2012

Have a blessed Wednesday

XOXO Nikilee