O’Canada Eh?

Happy Belated birthday Canada.  On July 1st 2013 you turned 146 years old and I swear you don’t look a day over 100.  I am so proud to be a part of your journey.  Our freedom that we mere humans find living in your part of the world is un-matchable anywhere else. 

My previous assumption that you were a little bit off has been totally cleared up now that I realize you're just Canadian

The red and white flag that waves proudly makes me proud to say I AM CANADIAN. 

I do have a little beef to pick with you though! 

Why is bacon and hockey what everyone associates you with???  You know my aversion to bacon – it doesn’t make everything better, and hockey – really?  I’d much rather play and watch baseball any day! 

Regardless, I am grateful I got to spend your birthday hanging my butt over your tallest tower, out and about in your sweetest, sexiest city Toronto.  

This Canada Day, please take Justin Bieber back

Torontonians love Canada.  We bow at your feet and thank the good Lord (whichever one we follow) that we are lucky enough to have our feet on your land, to breathe your air, to swim in your lakes and to eat your food! 

Thank you Canada for being mine, I am truly yours (but if you could get rid of the obnoxious comparison to bacon and Hockey representing you I would be even more grateful if possible!!) 

XOXO Nikilee