Day 2 – so far I’m alive

Not having white sugar or carbs is a bit like running through the rain without an umbrella.  It can be refreshing and make you feel great – but in the end you are wet and cold and your make-up is running down your face.

Okay so I am over exaggerating a tad.  It’s been one day, 24 hours, and I have survived.  I had 2.5 cups of fruit for breakfast with a blueberry white tea for snack.  I had a chicken caesar salad and water for lunch and my dinner got a tad messed up due to some plans changing so I had grilled calamari (delicious by the way) for dinner.  The calamari wasn’t breaded so I did not feel bad one bit.  Now because of who I was with and why I did have a cocktail, but I sipped it so slow it took almost 2 hours to complete it – so I have had a bit of a cheat, but I got approval from Agi for this one time cheat. 

Today it’s back to the grind.  Plus I walked so much last night my feet are sore so it all evens out no??


XOXO Nikilee