It’s all over for another year

Last night, my brother and his wife had a wake to go to so me and dad had their kids to watch.  Since it was also my birthday my dad ordered Swiss Chalet.  Before the kids could eat though he made them earn their dinner!

The Christmas tree was taken down, the decorations stored away for next year and the lights placed (not so delicately) in a bag by my larger than life 15-year-old nephew.  My nieces were a great help cleaning up and making sure all the hooks were placed in a container.  One thing I hate is when I go to put up the tree and I cannot find any hooks!  They earned their food for the night!  (please don’t call Childrens Services we would have fed them regardless – promise)!!!!

So the tree is down, and for some reason, after 30 Christmas’s at home, it still amazes me how much larger our living room looks after that tree is put away!  I mean our living room is average size, but when the tree is up – it’s squishy and claustrophobic!  But now – with the window being cleaned (there was lots of snowmen and snowflakes stuck to it for the past 6 weeks) I can freely walk around again without bumping an ornament off!

On a high note – I have a stress ball!  I have quit smoking as of December 23rd and my co-worker Ms. Maggie gave me a stress ball – and it’s pink and has a smily face!  What I love doing – squashing that smily face as I go through a nicotine craving!  Yep I do!  But I love it and will keep it on my desk as a reminder oh how well I am doing.


This morning I am fasting.  My church supposedly does this once every quarter.  To learn more please google Global Kingdom Ministries OR just come visit us Sunday Morning at Markham Rd and Progress in Scarborough.  We are south of the McDonald’s.  I am fasting this morning for healing/health.  Myself, some family and friends of mine need healing or better health.  So this morning I prayed for healing of me and others.  I will continue praying today for healing.  Tomorrow I will be praying for safety – safety at work, at home and in the community.  I cannot eat until noon today (I am working so I need enough energy to get me through a day) so if you know whats good for you – don’t ask me to do anything strenuous for until I have food in my belly!

Question: what do you do to relieve stress?

XOXO Nikilee


To be an elf…

Last year my co-worker and fellow ASL student “Cookie”  fell ill and was unable to help her then 8-year-old son put up their Christmas tree.  Now, I love Cookie so I decided I would do what I could and help them put up their tree!  We had a great time and her son, trouble maker, loved it!  She’s called me her little Elf ever since!

This year Cookie is feeling fine, but it’s kind of become our thing; that I would help them put up the tree again this year was inevitable.  Last night I went over to Cookies and somehow ended up backing onto their lawn – missed half their double driveway by like two feet!  Not a good start!  But I brought coffee and hot chocolate so it was all good! 

Trouble-Maker always makes me smile, he’s just so darn cute, yet at that age where every move you make you are pretty sure he is going to tear down the house – on purpose? well that depends on the day.  Cookie brought up the tree and darn it we could not for the life of us figure out how to light it so that the bottom branches would light up – it’s a self-lit tree. 

We spent about 30 minutes plugging and re-plugging in all the outlets to each other, but alas, no bottom lights.  After that it was time to decorate.  Now let me tell you; Cookie has become one of my favourite people, but she is a little like me in the sense that every ornament must have its proper place and you can’t have too much red or gold in one area or she MUST change it.  She had me laughing the whole time!  Her tree was looking a tad bulemic on one side so we added more decorations, but that meant we had to add more decorations all over the tree because it wasn’t even.  Finally, when I left she seemed “okay” with the poor trees appearance.  I can almost guarantee though that if I go back in a day or two, ornaments will be re-arranged and branches will be spread even farther!  Oh Cookie!

XOXO Nikilee