Christmas has arrived

My basement is finally ready for Christmas!  I wanted the basement completely done by the time I left for black Friday shopping which is next Thursday because I want to be able to come home and throw my stuff under the tree as I unpack and wrap up presents.  I put the tree up on the weekend – it’s a pre-lit tree so no strings to worry about thank God!  LOL…

My friend Agnes was telling me that they don’t put up their tree until right before Christmas (It’s a Hungarian thing supposedly) so her girls had to wait almost a full 6 weeks before they’d get to have any fun!!!  I told her to bring them to my house to put my tree up and decorate!  So she did last night.

My tree is the craziest looking tree ever but I absolutely love it!  I did have a Santa hat at the bottom of my tree attached to the bottom string of lights with 5 ornaments attached to the hat thanks to Emily, but I did end up moving them because I realized they would interfere with the gifts being there!  But stuff is randomly put all over the place and I love it!

Ms. Julia and Ms. Emily



This tree used to belong to me and GBF from our apartment.  Our decorating was perfect.  There wasn’t a bulb that looked out of place.  Everything was beautiful.  It was our first and last Christmas in our apartment and that perfect Christmas was hiding the inperfections of our lives togther.  Last year I lent it to Ms. J and her family and this year it is mine – all mine.  I am so used to everything being perfect on the outside that I am so grateful for Agnes and her daughters coming to help me because it isn’t this year and I need some imperfection in my life I think! 

I hope you are all getting into the spirit of the holidays – remember it’s really for the kids so enjoy and relax and have some hot cocoa with marshmallows!

XOXO Nikilee