Employment worker…possibly unemployed??

Okay so not really unemployed, just on strike or locked out depending on who you talk to.  I mean the Mayor doesn’t like the union, the union doesn’t seem impressed with the mayor – whats a girl to do??  I mean I counsel people everyday on employment strategies, critiquing resumes, mock interviewing people – and I might be out of work for weeks or MONTHS!  WHAT??

Last night I went by a buddy’s house to figure this all out.  I mean picketing provides you peanuts.  And really, anyone who knows me, knows as soon as the temperature dips below 0 degrees or the first snow flake falls, is well aware that I will be crying and curling up under my blankets praying to go back to work.  I just want to work.  I can’t even imagine trying to find other work.  I love my job!  Why wouldn’t I?  The only other thing I can even imagine doing is teaching – and no school or board is going to bring me on to cover a strike/lock out! 

I am grateful that money is not my main worry.  That really keeping active and on schedule is my concern!  I have friends who do worry though about the money and I think I will end up supporting them emotionally (by looking after their kids etc) so they can picket and find other work.

But you know what I really want – for the unions and the Mayor and the community and the workers to all realize we all want the same thing underneath the fighting – for Toronto to continue being the BEST city to live/work in!  Lets work together, lets communicate…please!  I love Toronto and I love my job and I am grateful for it all!

Meanwhile, since I don’t have my own personal resume and I counsel people on resumes…maybe I should get started and create one – you know just in case 😉

Question: do you love your job why or why not??

XOXO Nikilee


The three C’s

Cats, cold and country…three things I don’t like! 

My visit to Bobcaygeon was “interesting”.  Lets just say that.  It was great to see my mother and my aunt and catch up with them, but my mom owns a cat, a very unattractive cat – a creepy freaky looking cat and my allergies went nuts!  Allergy pills were NOT helping yesterday, they never really do at her house and I don’t know why cause K’s cat never bothers me.  I thank God that this cat does not like strangers, it was never in site for more then the 15 seconds mom’s bf made her stay with us. 

The other problem is that my mother’s house is cold – I mean, wear a parka, start a fire, my fingers and toes are falling off cold!  I don’t know why, I mean her bf is unwell so you’d think warmth would be a priority, but it’s not, so it’s cold.  I was not warm from the moment I walked in the house until the moment I came home (my dad’s house is the opposite – a sauna)!

Then there is the third C, the country.  Now I like to visit the country – in the summer when I can go swimming in the lake, or tanning on the beach…but the country in winter sucks in my opinion. The only nice thing was walking down to the lake (at the end of her street) and going to see if there was any DUCKS.  There wasn’t…big shock!  I did get my Kawartha Dairy ice cream though – I was already cold, why not throw myself under the bus!  I am a CITY girl, I have said this over and over again throughout different blog topics and I am proud to be a city girl, I am not proud to be the daughter of a country girl…lol…how two people who are blood related could be so different is beyond me, but we are and I love her anyway!

It’s always nice to see my mom, especially at Christmas, but if I spend Christmas with my dad sick, I will be one very unhappy camper!

XOXO Nikilee

Hi ho hi ho…

It’s off to Bobcaygeon we go?  Okay so I am sure the dwarfs never imagined themselves heading to Bobcaygeon on the Sunday before Christmas, but I am!  Well not JUST me, I am going with my brother, sister-in-law and their three kiddies.   And they have already been arguing…it’s gonna be a long ride!

Usually my mother and G come down to visit us at my brothers, but ever since G got sick, they don’t make the trip into the city.  I for one can never imagine living more then 30 minutes outside of the city, but I am a city girl, I guess my mother isn’t anymore, but it would still kill me to never get into the city that I was born and raised!

So here we go…T is driving thank God cause the drive into Bobs House (as the ex calls it) is long without much cool stuff to see – again, just my opinion, pls don’t spam me for arguing against the country!  We are having our annual Christmas afternoon with my mom.  An afternoon for Christmas with my mother may seem strange to some, but it’s something that I am used to and unfortunately don’t have many memories of it being any other way.

So I have 4 more work days until I get 10 days off – trust me this is extremely exciting.  I have ZERO plans over my vacation days and I love it that way.  I want to clean up some stuff, throw some stuff out, go to my nana’s and clean a bit and spend some time with friends and the ex.  Yes the ex and I are still getting closer and hanging out and talking whenever we can.  Soon I am going to have to change his name on my blog, I mean really, I can’t keep calling him the ex if we are friends…maybe I’ll ask him what he wants me to call him – HA, he will say nothing, he will tell me to leave him out of my blog, he hates social media and blogs and his personal business being spread like wild-fire around the internet…lol…he chose the wrong girl to be friends with!!  LOL  Poor ex!

Well folks, with a week to go and Christmas being over, I hope you all are spreading good cheer and thinking of ways to make 2012 the best year ever!

Best of luck and love to you all…another hour and a half I will be in Bobcaygeon!  bye-bye Toronto, for now…

XOXO Nikilee