A month changes a lot

A month ago today I was well into my second day in the Dominican Republic.  I was warm, content and looking forward to spending the week with my sister, one my favourite ladies, her entire family and soaking up some sun!

Unfortunately our first day in the DR it rained and was overcast.  You would think this would depress most people…but not me.  I was not at home, not at work and not taking care of anyone but me!  That night we went to the Coco Club – a place that would soon feel like a second home to me on my trip.  That was the beginning of the trip for me – and the beginning to a pretty amazing month.  Who knew dancing could be so much fun.  I mean I am not a dancer – at all – and usually am very self-conscious when dancing – especially when you have the bride – to – be in all her hotness dancing next to you, but I had a great time with a great friend and things really have never been the same since.  I can’t even hear LMFAO without smiling and cracking a giggle.  There is something so freeing about dancing with friends and family and just smiling honestly that really makes one enjoy themselves.

Walking along the beach after the club was another thing I normally would never do – though granted in TO if I walked along the beach at the end of January people would probably call the police thinking I must be intoxicated or have sever suicidal thoughts.  However in the Dominican it is quite normal – in fact there was a couple making love on the beach when we got there so of course the bride-to-be ridiculed them with ease!  They stopped eventually and left – we are suck party poopers!!!  LOL…I have never made love on the beach – maybe one day, but I think if I was going to, I would not do it just 20 feet from where the lights from the wedding stand shone brightly.  I mean really – I get the voyeurism, but that’s a bit much!  LOL…

The peace I gained in the DR from a very special friend and the confidence and loyalty I gained from that trip followed me home!  A lot has changed in my life mostly good, some not so good.  It’s been an emotional month, a lot of crying, a lot of laughter a lot of happiness and a lot of anxiety – however I would not change a single second of any of it, because it brought me home a completely new person.  Having amazing people in my life is not a new concept, I have at least a dozen – but having one particular new person in my life – has altered everything, made everything a little brighter, my stomach light needs his stomach light!  I can’t wait to tell you more!!

Have an amazing leap day my fellow bloggers and readers

XOXO Nikilee