Fever and Quebecers

What do you when you are in Cayo Coco Cuba with a fever of 102?  Nothing, you do nothing, but sit and pray you sweat it out in time to enjoy part of your seven-day vacation. 

K, J-Mo, little C, S and I left for Cuba last Saturday the 12th and when I woke up that morning, I felt a frog on my chest.  I knew I was in trouble.  I blasted myself with Dayquil and cough syrup and since I had energy I set out on my way.  I felt fine the whole rest of the day, the whole flight and through customs and check in and everything! 

The resort was great, check in was perfect and our rooms were fine.  We all went to the buffet to eat and almost as soon as I ate my last mouthful of pasta I felt it – the heat to my head, the frog was back and I felt exhausted!  Little C was also acting up and warm and had a temperature.  All I could think was “here we go again” Little C and I got sick last vacation (strep throat) and I was sure we were headed down the same road. 

We all had an early night and I popped myself full of Advil cold and sinus praying for a better day.  Waking up I felt okay.  However as the day progressed and especially after dinner, I was feeling the exact same way!  Finally brave enough to take my temperature it jumped to 102.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to scream and shout, but all I did was throw on as many clothes as I could and snuggle under the covers to hopefully rip it out of me!  

I played this fever game for three and a half days.  I enjoyed every DAY of my vacation and was thoroughly MISERABLE every night of my vacation.  Thankfully this was not a party vacation, I got to sleep, and relax and enjoy time with people whom I truly consider family.  Now that I am home, I no longer have a fever, but I do feel like I have Cholera – let me tell you, THAT is not a good feeling either!  I see the doctor tomorrow and I am sure she will tell me I am not dying, that I just have a stomach bug, but the fear of Cholera has me terrified to eat or drink anything (maybe the McDonald’s breakfast the morning of our return was not a good thing). 


I want to talk to you a little bit about people from the province of Quebec.  I have met MANY nice people from Quebec.  HOWEVER….the visitors to the Tryp CC the week I was there I met MANY Quebec people (especially men) whom made me utterly ashamed to be Canadian, or rather that they are Canadian.  A group of young men from Quebec beat up a security guard and were allowed to stay on the resort and got in NO trouble at all.  Rumour has it they also kicked around a cat that was roaming the grounds, but at that point I had witnessed so much disgusting behavior I could NOT listen to anymore. They were loud, drunk, obnoxious and foolish the entire trip. 

I truly am disgusted at the way Quebecers portrayed Canadians and I hope to GOD that the people on the resort knew it was not Canadians, but Quebecers that were causing so many issues.  Shame on you!


XOXO Nikilee

My trip advisor review of Tryp Cayo Coco

In case some of you are planning to travel to Cayo Coco I figured I would post my trip advisor review for you to read.

I will post my actual trip story in the upcoming days.


Travelled from January 12-January 19 2013.

Travelled with 3 other adults and one baby (aged 2.5)

Travelled with Air Canada Vacations 


I went with a friend’s family to the Tryp Cayo Coco on the above dates and I am going to tell you the pros and cons of the resort, not the weather (which was fine, if not cool at night) and not the other people there (Quebec residents – shame on you for your behavior) because the resort is not at fault for those things.  

Chase and I having fun with the camera

Chase and I having fun with the camera

Check in was swift and we had booked two rooms with one room requiring a crib for the baby.  We had emailed a few weeks prior requesting block 10 and this is EXACTLY what we got.  We were able to change our Canadian money right beside the check in desk at almost hours of the day.  We were not asked if we wanted assistance getting our room – and I think this would have gone a long way since it was pitch dark outside and we had 5 suitcases, 5 carry-on bags and a baby in a stroller.  However we managed to get to block 10 and find our ground floor room with minor struggles. 



The roads leading to all the buildings are in rough shape and require paving.  Our little boy fell once from a big divot and scratched up his knee pretty badly and pushing the stroller was tough. 

Beautiful view

Beautiful view

Our room was dated – a bit muggy, but overall it was comfortable and had what we needed for sleeping – which really is the only time we needed the room.  I suggest if you have a stroller, young children, or bad knees you request ground floor because there are a lot of stairs if you have a second or third floor room. 



The fridge is not stocked with anything, but you do get one large bottle of water a day which we drank and used to brush our teeth daily with. 

There are three pools.  The main pool which had the warmest water, but was way too loud and crowded for our tastes (but all the young party people seemed to frequent there), the baby pool which is next the main pool and where we camped out most days and the quiet pool right outside our block and was great but very deep and cold so we rarely swam in it. 

Like every full capacity resort getting a lounge chair by the pool can be difficult and leaving your towel on the chair early in the morning seemed to be the only way to guarantee a spot.  Some people complained of towels being stolen (which is 20 CUC if you don’t return your towel) so I recommend bringing towels from home. 

The beach was nice, not as nice as in Holguin, but still soft and good for the baby to play in.  The ocean was also warmer than the pool so that was nice.  It was extremely windy most days by the ocean, so we didn’t spend a tonne of time there. 

The buffet – was edible.  I suggest getting the hot meal (eggs and French toast at breakfast, spaghetti, stir fry and meat and fish at lunch and dinner) or else your meal will be luke warm only.  

We tried two a la cartes (Italian and Cuban) both excellent and tasty.  

This resort is laid out very nicely.  It’s convenient to get to almost everything which is great since we had a little one with us.  We also fed the flamingos bread a few days out of the week (the flamingos are located near building 5) 

I was sick 80% of the time (I came to Cuba sick) so I didn’t drink any of the alcohol, but there was a lot of drunken people so I am going to assume it was good! 

Overall, since we paid $709 CAD for the week I would go again in a heartbeat.  It was completely worth the price.

Any questions or concerns – just message me through this blog!



I turned (32) yesterday shhhh

Is it crazy that I love my thirties but dread each birthday??  I think I may be losing it a bit.  I mean my twenties were filled with school and bad jobs and obnoxious people I had to be nice to.  My thirties are filled with work I love, school only when I feel like it and great people whom I love and cherish – plus my blog which I also love!

However every time a birthday comes around, a sense of panic fills me – I am getting older.  I have passed all the fun milestones – sweet sixteen, 18 (I could vote), 19 (I could legally drink), 21 (I could legally drink in the U.S.A) and 30.  I feel like the next true milestone is 50 and that is years away (THANK GOD).  I love being in my thirties – this will be the decade I will have a child or children – the most important thing to me.  I will probably buy a home, develop my friendships even further and travel to numerous countries, building more memories than I can fit into my big head!  I love it.  I look forward to it, but on January 9th, I had a panick attack that left me crying in my bed at 11:00 at night. 

I’m a freak right?  Maybe freak isn’t a nice word…but that is how I felt.  When I woke up yesterday, I felt no different then I had being 31, I wasn’t excited or sad, happy or mad.  I was just me – and I continued my day like any other day – more excited about going to Cuba and meeting Irish guy later this month, and going to Vegas in April with my mom and aunt and hopefully receiving a transfer to an office closer to home.  The birthdate had nothing to do with any of it.  This year will be amazing because I will make it amazing – not because my age changed.

Last night my dad took me, my brother, sister-in-law, sushi bf and his girlfriend D to the Keg for dinner – I LOVE THE KEG.  Just had to put that out there.  I came home and crashed, belly full and ready to work my last day before my CUBA vacation.  I’m taking a blogging break people – but I will return with stories, not as juicy as the gossip from my trip to DR, but still great stories non the less!

XOXO Nikilee

I need a tape recorder

I need  a tape recorder because my best blogs come to me late at night when my overactive brain should be sleeping.  I’m lying in bed, snuggled under the blankets and BAM a great blog comes to me and I start writing the whole thing in my head.  Of course by the time I wake up I have no idea what I have thought about, not even the title to try to push through the memory. So when it comes to sitting down and writing this blog, you get morning Nikilee, whom I don’t feel writes nearly as well as nighttime Nikilee.  It’s sad and I promise to be better for you all in 2013!

Last night I was thinking of ways to tell you about someone who may become pretty special to me.  I’m gonna call him Irish guy right now.  Since joining Match.com (again for reasons I can’t talk about yet) I have found very few guys that were worthy of even a wink let alone communicating with.  I either wasn’t physically attracted to them or their profile didn’t strike a chord.  But then I saw Irish guy’s profile and he is cute – really cute, and we seem to have a lot of initial things in common so I winked – what could I lose.  The next day he winked back (success).  I sent an email to say hi, he emailed me his personal email address so we could stop using Match as our means of communication.  I emailed him again and we have emailed every single day since boxing day.  Through our talking we have discovered a tonne more that we have in common and he makes me smile – something I haven’t truly done since the summer.  I haven’t told him the steel walls that are bruised and damaged I have up around me, but maybe I won’t have to.

Because I am leaving for Cuba in a few days (Saturday CANNOT come soon enough) we are keeping our contact through email and I am not going to push for any more, but hopefully once I come back, we can talk and then meet. 

We are taking things slow – I mean, clearly I jump into relationships way to quickly and then get my foot caught when forced to jump out.  Maybe if I go slow – and tread carefully, my heart will be safe.  However, I am not a dater, I don’t date lots of guys and see where things go, I am not that girl.  I’d love to be – I have a couple of girlfriends who have had a string of guys lined up for dates in a given week – but to me that sounds exhausting.  I am a relationship girl.  Always have been.  So far Irish guy seems like he is a relationship guy to, no BS from him so far.  When he says he will message he does – so far so good – I’ll keep you posted.

2013 seems pretty relaxing so far, a bit boring, but it’s January – I dislike snow and cold and wet and hockey so nothing about this year has excited me except for talking with Irish guy.  Next week is Cuba though and THAT will excite me!

Have a great week

XOXO Nikilee