Detroit Rock City

Back in 12th grade, a production company came to my high-school painted, changed signs and dressed a bunch of us up like kids from the 70’s and filmed a movie called Detroit Rock City.  Now this movie stars a very obnoxious Eddie Furlong (who I originally had a crush on, but as the filming went on I learned he is actually a pretty big douche bag) and it wasn’t very good or very popular, but it is something CCI can be proud of being a part of!   
I had only been to Detroit once at this point, when I was in 7th grade and I slept through it because I was so sick.  A few years later (like 10 years) GBF had to pick up baseball jerseys so we drove across the Detroit border but I don’t remember even getting out of the car.  I had never really been to Detroit – like to see it and live it and love it.  
However this past weekend, GBF and I (again) drove across the border and spent the weekend walking around, watching the Tigers lose to Minnesota and shopping – so much shopping.   
The Detroit border is WAY better than the Buffalo border – but much farther away too!  The drive though is scenic.  It’s beautiful and as the sun set Friday night we chatted and joked around, watching the scenery pass us by.  
Riding shot gun!
Riding shot-gun!
Setting sun was bright and beautiful!
Setting sun was bright and beautiful!
After crossing the border and finding our EXTREMELY large hotel we checked in and went downstairs to the lobby bar to have a drink and watch the Miami Heat game (such a disappointing loss…).   
My orange Creamsicle drink at the bar watching the Miami play!
My orange Creamsicle drink at the bar watching the Miami play!
On Saturday we drove into another part of Michigan to Somerset Mall – which isn’t really a mall so much as a building with a lot of stores that only rich people can afford.  It had Gucci, Louis Vutton, Coach, Tiffanies etc.  It was a lot to take in and as much as I really wanted to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo’s from Saks Fifth Ave. I knew I couldn’t justify it.  I walked away empty-handed and a little sad.   
In the afternoon we took the People Mover (Detroit’s version of the Scarborough RT for you Toronto readers) to Comerica Park and watched the Tigers get beat by the last place Minnesota Twins.  Not much happened during this game that made it exciting, but it helped check off part of my bucket list:
 photo 3 
I will visit every major league baseball diamond
American Pride - in drink form!
American Pride – in drink form!


By the time we got back to the hotel I was exhausted and took a cat nap while GBF watched Women’s fast pitch on TV.  
This is where the story went downhill for a minute.  After deciding to go to the casino – we took a cab to Greek town Hotel and Casino because not only was there the casino – but Shots Sports bar which sounded good to both of us!  We got to the casino and asked an employee where Shots was.  He told us upstairs to the left.  We went upstairs.  Asked another employee to point it out and she said downstairs to the right.   
We went back downstairs another girl told us to take the elevator to the third floor and turn left.   
We went to the third floor and I saw someone who looked like a manager and she told me we would have been lost if trying to find it on our own (duh) so she walked us to another set of elevators and told us to take it to the first floor and it was exactly to the left of the elevator. 
At this point my feet hurt and I was starving. 
But, we found Shots finally!  YAY??  
We walked in and saw it was as big as my bedroom – and crowded and we were again unimpressed.  We took a random seat at a table built for 4, but we didn’t care and finally a waitress came by and took our order – they had beer and hard liquor – that’s it.  So GBF had a beer and I had a vodka OJ.  My vodka OJ was cheap vodka and it was harsh.  On an empty stomach this was not looking ideal so we paid the bill and left.  
Our night picked up when walked over to an amazing bbq restaurant for dinner and to finish watching the San Antonio basketball game.  Our waitress was asking about OUR accents (really??) and she was so funny.  She spent almost our entire time there with us and we loved her immediately.  The food was also delicious as was my Bellini!  YUMM!
 photo 6
Sunday we did more shopping, I bought a tonne of shoes, GBF bought a tonne of dress shirts and by the time we left Michigan we were ready to be home.  
The thing that surprised us the most – we drove up to border patrol and they asked how we were, we said good and gave them our passports – he looked at them, handed them back and said have a nice day!
No questions?  No third degree?  No being pulled over and having the car torn apart?  We were so confused. 
We looked at each other bug-eyed and left.  That was the craziest border crossing ever!  
If we had known that we each would have bought way more liquor from Duty Free – GBF was over his allowed limit either way and was fully expecting to pay. 
The drive back to TO went smoothly from there and I was so happy to see my bed!  I crawled in and thanked God because truly there is no place like home!
Have a great day!

Have a great day!

XOXO Nikilee