Blackberry v. Iphone

Am I really making this comparison??  My blackberry bold has been acting funny ever since I came back from the DR so yes…I am making the comparison, because I am a huge fan of lists, pros and cons.  I do it for every aspect of my life – at least the important ones and as sad as it may seem, my cell phone is a very important part of my life. 

My friend who got married in the DR bought an Iphone a couple of years ago when I was buying my blackberry.  I defended blackberry to the death, I hate touch screen and hers seemed so breakable compared to my durable little blackberry.  I still find this to be true.  HOWEVER – RIM has been disappointing lately and apple seems to be getting stronger and stronger.  hmmmmm. 

I decided to do what any girl who has google access does – I looked for comparisons.  I found a couple of interesting sites that compare blackberry’s to Iphones. allowed me to see a comparison with apps, attributes, gaming and of course the Chuck Norris Factor…which for me is getting really old so I ignored this section completely.  It seems like both phones compare pretty evenly across the board.  I love the Iphone apps and games, but I love bbm (LOVE BBM) and the ability to use keys and not a screen to touch.  SO I am back to the beginning, again.  Now I know I have at least one friend who would talk to me all day about how WONDERFUL Iphones are and how HORRIBLE blackberry’s are…and just to annoy him, I think I would get a new blackberry because it’s fun to annoy pretentious Iphone users 😛  But this is MY life so I can’t base my decision on one person. 

BBM has become a tad addicting and since I don’t really drink or smoke or do drugs shouldn’t I have one thing to be addicted to…right shopping…two things to be addicted to???  If I left blackberry I would lose constant status updates and new pics from my bbm friends.  It would make me feel sad to leave my groups and four out of my five bff’s have bbm (though I was informed last night through BBM that one is leaving and abandoning bb for Iphone).  So three of my five bff’s would have blackberry and two would have Iphone.  hmmm…oh MAN!  My nephew and sister-in-law have blackberry’s and I love them dearly.  My brother has an Iphone… +1 for blackberry 🙂

In the end, I have no idea what I am going to do.  I mean I am still in contract with my blackberry, but that doesn’t really matter to me, I will pay for the upgrade if I really need to.  I need to think long-term.  No more short-term thinking.  I love blackberry, but Iphone seems to be the way people are going.  Iphone seems to have more long-term potential.  I know I have my answer in my heart, but letting go of something I really like sucks…I have a few more months of bbm love, but I have a feeling, by end of summer, I will be a freaking pretentious Iphone user**.

**okay so not every Iphone user is pretentious and I am sure just as many blackberry users are pretentious, but really it’s fun to think negatively of something I know is happening and I don’t really want to have happen

XOXO Nikilee


Boo mofo hoo

That is how I feel today. 

In April 2009 I had surgery for a Pilonidal Sinus removal.  That was the beginning of the end for me.  Please don’t ask me what that is…if you want to know (trust me you don’t) then google it. 

I say it was the beginning of the end because I never healed properly – even though I had home care for 4 months – some great home care workers, some not so great home care workers.  I ended up having the SAME surgery in March 2010.  I had home care for 5 months before the idiots at VOM said my time is up – funny since I hadn’t healed…bitches.  Sorry I don’t like to swear on my blog, but really VOM is full of idiotic bitches!!!

Well guess what – my wound, still has not healed!  ALMOST THREE YEARS LATER!  Where is my angry face emoticon – I have no idea!!!  Grrrr I will growl instead. 

I saw my surgeon yesterday – who in reality is fantastic and nice and sympathetic and is confused by my unhealable body – no I am not diabetic – and he did something that I think was to clean out any infection and this is how the exchange went down:

me: what are you doing        him: I am cleaning the area         me: will it hurt      him: no, well it shouldn’t, well it might just burn a bit (as he slathers on the medication)  me: gritting teeth and tears forming    him: does it hurt?                  me: uh huh (in a high-pitched voice) him: okay

Okay??  Are you fucking kidding me!!  OW!  I am human, you are burning my skin…yes it hurts, yes I want to jump off this table and ram that thing up your butt! 

Maybe not, I’m a hypochondriac – he is nice and I know most people have a pain threshold that I do not have.  But ever since this exchange, I have not been comfortable sitting down without wincing!  It hurts.  I am so emotional and feeling depressed because this has been such a long go.  He said if not better after my Dominican trip then he may refer me to a plastic surgeon to see if they can help – think they will do a tummy tuck and boob lift as well?? 

I was so upset I went home early from work and lied in bed all day and night.  The ex came over last night after listening to me whimper on the phone for an hour.  He brought a tea and let me lie down beside him so I could get comfy.  It was a kind gesture.  Waking up this morning, feeling about 20% better I highly considered calling in sick but I threw on what looked clean and headed out through the rain and fog to get to work safely. 

Hope you are having a better week then me!!!

XOXO Nikilee