Toronto to Bobcaygeon in THREE hours

Now that my mom has moved back to the big city, fear not bloggers, my aunt still has a summer trailer in Bobcaygeon so my country adventures will still happen – just a little less often.

Friday was a beautiful day, 4:30 rolled around slowly, but it still did arrive and as I changed into comfy driving clothes I left my work happy to be spending the weekend with my mom and Aunt G – just us ladies (Uncle G was on a fishing trip).

As I pulled onto the 401 my favourite song was playing on the radio (Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke) and I blasted it with my windows down ready to speed out-of-town and begin my weekend.  I hadn’t been on the highway for five minutes when it came to a standstill.  The highway was essentially a parking lot.  By the time I got to Pickering (normally a ten-fifteen minute drive) I had been on the road for an hour and was becoming less and less my perky, happy self. 

Traffic in Toronto and the surrounding areas is crazy at the best of times, but if you live in these areas you are used to it.   However the three-hour trip which usually is an hour and forty-five minutes, had me thinking – why would people do this every week?  I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who every week after work on Friday travel up north to their trailers and cottages and on Sunday (which was a bit better of a drive – 2 hours and 15 minutes) come home.  They get one full day of being up north and the other two days are spent in traffic, hot and bored.

When I finally got to Green Acres Trailer Park and I smelled the fresh air and I played with my aunts puppy and I was sitting outside on the deck, my eyes adjusting to the darkness and stars, I realized it’s because for a few hours of peace, of tranquil beauty – it’s worth it.  Every minute of being stuck in my car was gone from my memory.  I was relaxed and could breath and smile.  I was where I belonged – if only for a couple of days. 

I can’t wait to visit again – hopefully in August when I won’t be going up on a Friday, where I will have some vacation time so I can leave early enough in the day to relax on my way up north.

XOXO Nikilee