Happy New Year

As I sit in my bed thinking about what I can even write that will truly emphasise how I am feeling, I look over at my naked Christmas tree and am grateful I took down all the decorations and organized them into labelled boxes a few days ago.  Having a huge task to complete in early 2013 seems daunting to me now as exhaustion is settinng in.  LOL

I am also enjoying the fact I can see my Christmas tree so clearly!  I got LASIK on Thursday and I am loving my new sight!!  I can drive, read, watch tv all without my glasses!  It is something I have wanted for a while and thanks to my amazing father I could finally afford to have the surgery completed!  I recommend LASIK MD to anyone.  This may be a plug, but seriously they have been great every step of the way.

Seeing my luggage on the floor reminds me that I have a trip coming up and trust me that alone is enough to make me reveal in the 2013 glow everyone seems to be having!!  I am a horrible packer, I should have K pack for me.  I have way to much packed already and I still have 12 days left before I leave.  I can’t wait to play with Chase in the water!!

Some of you may be wondering why the hell is Nikilee alone on New Years, why is she blogging so close to midnight??  It is a choice I made after two plans had fallen through.  I had no desire to make more plans.  I decided instead to chill out and watch my PVR that was full of great shows waiting to be watched.

I was going to go to K’s and celebrate with her and some friends, but unfortunately her husband invited MiMo and the new girl over and the desire to see them together and kiss at midnight actually had me feeling sick and that was not something I wanted for 2013 so I bailed out of that one.

I was going to visit E, but poor Cairo is still so sick so I am leaving her to enjoy her time with her pup so that fell through too.

I had other friends who asked me to come by and hang out, but in the end, my exhaustion from going non-stop the past few days over powered my desire to party like it was 1999.  There will be no rum and red-bull, no noise makers and no hangover tomorrow – wait is that a bad thing??  Ahhhh nope!  Not for me!  Tomorrow I can wake up and enjoy my last day of holidays and complete all the little things I still want to do.

So here I am, blogging, updating Facebook (and deleting people off Facebook – always hurts a bit) and hoping that everyone who reads this has a blissful, safe New Year.  Remember my friends, don’t drink and drive…take a cab or call your mom – anything to stay safe.

XOXO Nikilee

2012 in review

Today is my last day of work for 2012 – it is also the last day I will probably blog for 2012 because I start Christmas Vacation and my calendar is filled with family, friends and laser eye surgery.  I mean I could try blogging blind for the day I have my surgery – but that could be incriminating!

As I’m reflecting over this year and as much as the last few months have been emotionally trying both professionally and personally, I am glad this year happened.  I started this year thinking I would never be able to move past my relationship from GBF.  One wedding in the DR a month later and I was quickly falling head over heels with someone else and feeling completely released from my relationships from years past. 

Falling in love is such an amazing feeling and I have to admit I am in love with falling in love, but none of the guys I had dated in between GBF and MiMo could get me to feel anything further than friendship and admiration.  MiMo changed that and as much as it hurts that we didn’t work out, he did change my life – and my year!  So 2012 is over and I am hopeful that with the new year comes new opportunities to meet people.

I have spent some time with amazing friends and family!  Between the DR trip with K and family, Zumba with my sister-in-law and my NK nights, I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilled year in the friendship department.  I have also become extremely close to my gf at work A and have spent plenty of hours crying on her shoulder and laughing along with her at numerous activities throughout the year.

Work has been – well work.  I truly am blessed because I LOVE my job, I love working for the City I love, serving clients who need my help and seeing them reach goals set.  There have been times where I wanted to pull my hair out and kick and scream, but that had nothing to do with my job or the clients – that was an internal struggle and I have adjusted to that and moved on fairly unscathed.   I look forward to meeting new clients in 2013 and being given new opportunities to prove my worth in this field!

Finally, on a family note – my dad went through the whole year with no major catastrophes.  His heart behaved, the diabetes didn’t give him any more trouble then usual and I was able to get through all of 2012 without constant worry for him.  My father is my world (as I think most people know) and having him in it is my number 1 priority.  

I also have been able to work – lightly – on a new relationship with my mother.  There were a lot of years of hurt there to make up for, but since her husband passed away in March 2012 (may he R.I.P) I feel like I have my mom back.  We may have lost years as mother/daughter, but maybe we gain years as friends – as equals.  As partners in crime.  I look forward to our Vegas trip with my aunt G in April 2013.  Life with my parents is looking up.  I have not said that in YEARS!

My wish for my readers, friends and family for 2013 is for you all to have your greatest wish come true.  I hope you are able to find (or stay in) love, health and happiness.

XOXO Nikilee

A Basement Apartment for me!

I am so fortunate to have great friends.  Two of those great friends are sushi boyfriend and his girlfriend D.  Why am I lucky to have these two people in my life?  Because not only did they come visit me when I had my surgery and brought flowers, but they helped clean out my gramma’s house AND they are building me a basement apartment in my dads house this summer so I can have my own space while still ensuring my dad is taken care of. 

I am so excited about this basement apartment.  I hadn’t planned on living at home forever, I mean when I moved back in with my dad after GBF and I broke up it was for a few months, to get my head on straight and save some money so I could move back out with a friend or alone – either way.  However after my dads heart attack, I knew I was where I needed to be and I knew I would stay.  After my nana’s passing I knew there would be some money coming and while I had NO idea how much that money would be at the time, I knew I wanted one thing from my dad – a place of my own. 

Currently I am using every spare closet in the house for my coats, clothes, shoes and purses.  I never know where anything is and I swear half the stuff I own gets no use because it’s in a box or back of a closet that I have yet to explore.  Our basement had severe water damage a few years ago and since then has been an unfinished basement used only for laundry and storage.  My brother and his family used to live down there – so I requested to my dad it be re-finished into a home for me.  All I needed was a bedroom, bathroom and closet – a walk in!  The kitchen could stay upstairs because if and when I cook, I do so for me and dad so I didn’t need my own.  It wasn’t a requirement.  A mini fridge for drinks would suffice.

Sushi bf and D came by last week to empty the full VAN load of garbage that was already in the bsmt including a couch, tent, mini fridge and freezer that were moldy and a huge box tv.  Tonight they come to do more!  I am so excited.  I have been assured by Sushi bf that it will be done by the end of July!

  Because I love before and after pics, I figured I would take some. 

Here is the current hallway looking into the old living room which will now be my bedroom

This is Matt, cleaning up the hallways – notice all the wood panelling!

This is the livingroom which will be my bedroom – love the fireplace! I can’t wait to warm up to it!

Notice the floors – ewwwww

This is more of the new bedroom – the floors are so gross right now and the walls are that popcorn material which I hate!

The next picture is the bathroom, currently a creamy yellow colour – yuck.  Only white crisp lines for me! 

And then there is my favourite room in the house!  My soon-to-be walk-in closet!  This used to be an office (or my nephews bedroom depending on what time period we are talking about). and it will be the perfect size to display my clothes, my SHOES, my jewelry and my bags.  I cannot wait for this room!

Can’t you just see rows of shoes and racks of clothes hanging here!!!

Well, give it two months and it should all be done!  Thank you daddy!  I have the best father a girl could ask for and the best friends anyone could have!  I will show the after pics once it’s all done.  The closet will be done first cause I am SO tired of living out of boxes!  Of course there will be a small spot for Newbie to keep some stuff too since he is over every weekend. 😉 XOXO Nikilee