5 more sleeps, 5 more sleeps! YEEHAW

Okay, I don’t think I have ever said yeehaw in my life, maybe one time drunk in Peterborough during my University years, but even then I doubt it!

I am just so excited to be leaving for a weeks long vacation.  I am packed and could leave today if needed!  Granted I’ve been packed for almost a week.  All I need to do is add my brush and make-up (cause I am in the wedding, I should wear makeup!). 

My sister-in-law T, not so much.  She hasn’t packed.  Shes started to think about it.  She’s pulled some things out.  I know we aren’t blood related, but how can two people who are so close and love each other so much be so different.  I sent her my list of what I was taking and she responded with “I don’t own four pairs of flip-flops!”  WHAT!  I own like 12-15 pairs of flip-flops.  My friend K (crazy cat lady) owns a tub worth of flip-flops (probably over 20).  I mean they can range from like $3.00-$20.00.  Who doesn’t own four pairs of flip-flops!  Sigh, T I love you, thank God!

My only real concern is leaving my father for so long.  I haven’t left him this long since 2008 and my brother was around because he broke his arm falling off a roof – sober, two days before me and T left for Cuba.  Ya, idiot. Either way, I am preparing a few meals, getting all his meds in order and leaving the number to my hotel with family and neighbours – just in case.  If I think too much about it I may have a panic attack, I don’t like not being in control of his life.  😦

Have a great week everyone! 

XOXO Nikilee

Five things I’ve learned from being sick

My worst nightmare came true: I ended up so sick I had to leave work Monday half day and had all day Tuesday off in bed!  I am back to work today, even though I am not 100% because it’s Christmas and our office is already short-staffed!

These are the five things I have learned from being sick:

1. The idea of showering, a normally pleasant thought, strikes fear and terror in the heart of someone who is sick, because really who can stand in a hot shower when they have no energy to move, let alone stand for 15 long minutes.

2. No one is very supportive when you are sick and it’s a few days prior to Christmas.  My brother barely came near me enough to throw a vicks nose thing at me before retreating to a less germ infested area of the house. However that vicks thing helped me breath so yay brother!

3. As a former tv-o-holic, there is NOTHING on tv the week before Christmas, everything is repeats, and during the day – tv sucks.  I guess this was a good thing because I slept great since I had nothing to distract me.

4. My homemade lasagna, which I made late last week still tastes amazing even when your taste buds aren’t up to snuff due to said sickness!

5. When sick, I just couldn’t care less how dirty/messy the house is, so I have three nights left to clean it from top to bottom!  I am so not impressed!

I am feeling better, but God forbid I continue being sick, I say we cancel Christmas, return all gifts and fly to the Caribbean for a week!  I’m just saying! 😉

XOXO Nikilee