Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Or as the male protagonist says: Fifty shades of fucked up!

So never have I done a book review and I am not an English scholar so please don’t look at this as some article that should be published in the Globe and Mail.  This is just my very biased opinion on a book I felt compelled to read!

About three weeks ago I was listening to the Kiss 92.5 breakfast show with Roz and Mocha and they were talking about this book that women were reading called “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  They advised that women were reading it, but hiding the covers because they didn’t want to be caught reading it!  I was automatically intrigued.  I love being a rebel!  What better way to rebel again society – then by *gasp* reading a book!!!  What could this book possibly be about???

I immediately went on and ordered the book – ya that’s right, I don’t shop in stores anymore, I am that lazy – I order everything online.  Once my dad gives me permission, I will order my groceries online! 

Anyway, back to the book…so after a few days it came in the mail.  I felt no way about having my dad or nieces and nephew see the cover because they would have NO idea what it was about…what is it about you ask?  Sex, S&M, kinky shit sex.  But there is an underlying love story…there are actually a few underlying stories and that is what really sets this book apart from other Erotica that I have read or heard about – I mean how much Erotica do you think I read??  *diverts eyes to the side and shifts feet guiltily*

The two main characters are Anastasia Steele – a 21 year-old woman graduating from WSU and Christian Grey (hence the title) a young man in his twenties who has made a LOT of money and is CEO of his own corporation.  Ana is naive, sweet, awkward and exactly what you expect her to be.  She has very little self-esteem and even though she is described by her friends and Christian as being beautiful, she doesn’t see it (wow like this character doesn’t exist in every romance novel known to man).  Christian is a man’s man.  He is sexy, self-sufficient and powerful.  He is also only into whips, chains, and a whole array of other kinky sex stuff.  “Vanilla” sex isn’t his thing and if you don’t know what that means – read the book!  Well obviously these two meet and he wants her to be his submissive, she isn’t sure – she is a virgin after all – but ends up falling completely in love with him and has her first of MANY sexual experiences with this man.

Now, I loved this book.  I mean I actually couldn’t put it down.  I read it in three days.  But it wasn’t the kinky stuff that kept me hooked – well…okay it was, but really it was the love story developing between Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele.  I also love that it is the first of three books, because I am a series kind of girl (Twilight, House of Night and Harry Potter).  I like when stories continue – especially because this one did not really end with a wrap up like most books I read. 

E.L James, the female author has a very interesting mind.  She is going to make a lot of money.  This book had something for everyone.  I am not sure how much men would like it, because I don’t know what men like in books – but for women – it has it all.  Please pick up this story and read it.  Love it, enjoy it and show the cover proudly.  Why should we feel the need to hide the cover from those around us!?  It is listed as “Erotic Romance” for mature audiences and I agree.  I’m not even sure what age I would put on it – it is MATURE.  Only mature adults should read this story (so why was I allowed?  Right I have a credit card…hahahaha).  However, the cover as you can see from the pic above, does not give away anything, so go out – read this book in a park, on the subway or hidden away in your room where you can blush and giggle like the actual immature person you are – oh that was just me…okay whatev’s!

I cannot wait to order Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed the follow up’s in the trilogy to see where Ana and Christian go…it should be a great time that’s all I know!

XOXO Nikilee

Top 5 things I thought about while stuck in traffic

I am really liking the Top 5 list.  So here is another one.  To set the scene: this morning, mother nature vomited snow all over Toronto.  And not just snow, but rain, ice and wind.  This is the first real snow Toronto has seen this season.  I shouldn’t complain, I am well aware of this, but I whine a lot about a lot of things, so I am. It took me over 1.5 hours to get to work – normally takes 20 -30 minutes MAX!  At one point I sat on the highway off ramp for 40 minutes and in that 40 minutes I had a lot of time to think and pray because there is only so much radio one person can listen to and I own no good CD’s. 

I did not take this picture - relax, I googled it!

1. Why doesn’t Toronto make it mandatory for everyone to buy winter tires?  I mean, I didn’t slip or slide once today and there was people slipping and sliding all over the place like their car was wearing ice skates.  What an image.  I wonder if there would be a drop in accidents if it were mandatory??

2. I wish Roz and Mocha on kiss 92.5 would have more talk radio.  I mean they are funny!  I love their radio show, but they play way to much music that I can hear on other radio stations.  I want to hear their friendly/unfriendly banter.  And Maurie!  I love Maurie!  Please Roz and Mocha, talk more, play less music!

3. I can’t fast with food today.  I need to eat!  Blueberry bagel, here I come!  I need you, crave you and if I had just gotten to work before 8:30 I might have been able to resist your sweet aroma, but unfortunately I am stuck in traffic smelling you and now you must be eaten – fasting for today is NO SMOKING!  Let me tell you, if I had a cigarette in my car, she would have been smoked.  However I wouldn’t have needed the bagel then and been able to keep my fast.  However I would have smoked and broke my promise to myself and my health…I was screwed either way.  So I ate, but I apologized to God first.  And let me tell you, blueberry bagels, lightly toasted with butter is AWESOME!

4. I hope for my mother’s sake her boyfriend ends up okay.  Biker dude has throat cancer.  He had to get some wire mesh thing put in his throat so he can eat and if it takes he can do chemo and should hopefully live another year or more.  If it doesn’t take…well lets just say it won’t be good.  My mom has had a rough go the past 10+ years and as much as it is her own doing and consequences of choices she has made, I love my mother and she wants biker dude to get through this so I do too.  I added him to my prayer list this week.

5. Finally, why do I work at an office so far away when there is an office with a couple of my favourite ladies at it just 5 minutes away?  Why??  I don’t know.  I love being in the Employment Centre, I don’t want to be back on a caseload.  I have made a couple of really good friends here who I would be devastated to lose touch with and the SDP’s are great!  So as much as I HATE the drive in the winter, I have to suck it up buttercup and keep going because I have made the choice to stay here for at least a year.  I’m just glad my ladies from the other office love me enough to see me outside of work!

And that’s it folks.  These are the things I thought about while sitting in snow, rain, ice, wind and traffic.  I hope you have all had a great day *said quite sarcastically*

XOXO Nikilee