Glasses no more

Sitting in my grade 9 History classroom at Cedarbrae CI I am in the third row and squinting.  I have no idea what I am squinting at, it could be about Canada, a war, the Nazi’s, I don’t remember.  However I remember squinting.  My teacher has caught me and he looks perplexed.  He asks me to change seats with another student in the front row! 

The front row!  WTF!?  The front row is for nerds or people with no friends, I have friends!  I have lots of friends.  I wanted to scream at him and have my friends rally around me, but as a student with a vast amount of respect for teachers, I silently grabbed my things, forcing the tears to stay where they belonged and changed seats with someone whose name I can’t remember.  (I really wish I could by the way because since being forced into the front row I realized that people who sit in the front row sit there because A) they had no choice or B) they want to focus on actual learning and not the gossip of whose dating whom that I indulged in.

As I got to the front row, I could see what was clearly written on the black board and began to take notes, only squinting once in a while if the chalk got light in an area.  I took all my notes and at the end of class Mr. E asked me to stay behind.  I thought I was in trouble for talking – or sulking about being moved to the front row, but no, he wrote something on the board and asked me to go to my original seat and read what he wrote.  Squinting till my eyes were almost closed I couldn’t tell.  He asked me to move to the front row and I was able to make out what he wrote.  “you need glasses”


No way, that was SO not going to happen!  I was popular and had worked all summer at getting thin so I would be hot and now some old man who taught history wanted to undo all of that by making me throw on a pair of nerdy glasses!  NOT. A CHANCE. ( As much as I respected teachers, I was also a spoiled brat)

I went another two weeks of being forced to the front row by English and Math teachers and of course Mr. E made the front row my permanent seat.  I knew I was going to have to do something, I was getting headaches from squinting so much.

Finally Mr. E sent a note home to my dad about my problem.  I had to get it signed (and my brother was NOT someone I could ask for a forgery, useless he was).  My dad booked me an appointment at his optometrist and I saw Dr Lorenz the following week.  I needed glasses.  My world was over.  My dad took me and my prescription to the eye-glass place in the same plaza and when I walked in, prepared to be a nerd forever, I saw the most beautiful pair of glasses I had ever seen!  They were rimless and rectangle in shape!  I was in love!  My dad gave the frames and my prescription to the sales lady and I was able to get them a few days later!

When I showed up in History class that first day with my new glasses, I went to MY seat in the third row with my friends and Mr. E asked me why I was sitting there.  I pulled out my glasses, smiled and told him it was where I belonged.  He smiled back and said “by all means Ms. M, sit where you’d like”.

Having glasses didn’t change my popularity, it didn’t make me an outcast but it DID help me see and do much better work! 

I have had glasses since I was 15 years old.  I will be 32 in 4.5 weeks.  That’s a long time.  I have gotten so used to my glasses it feels unnatural NOT to wear glasses.  But I also know that now, I don’t have to wear them, I have a choice.  I have made my choice.

After Christmas, on December 27th 2012, I am having Lasik Surgery.  I will hopefully never have to wear glasses again.  As much as I love them, I miss my face, I miss my face without glasses and I really want to wear cool sunglasses while driving.  I have never done contacts because poking myself in the eye seems like torture, but glasses don’t allow me much freedom!

I am looking forward to finish being 31 without glasses.  From 32 on, I will be glasses free.  It will be foreign to me.  I am more nervous about NOT having glasses then I ever was about wearing them.  It’s amazing what maturity and experience will do to a person’s mindset!

Have a great Tuesday all!

XOXO Nikilee