Toronto to Bobcaygeon in THREE hours

Now that my mom has moved back to the big city, fear not bloggers, my aunt still has a summer trailer in Bobcaygeon so my country adventures will still happen – just a little less often.

Friday was a beautiful day, 4:30 rolled around slowly, but it still did arrive and as I changed into comfy driving clothes I left my work happy to be spending the weekend with my mom and Aunt G – just us ladies (Uncle G was on a fishing trip).

As I pulled onto the 401 my favourite song was playing on the radio (Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke) and I blasted it with my windows down ready to speed out-of-town and begin my weekend.  I hadn’t been on the highway for five minutes when it came to a standstill.  The highway was essentially a parking lot.  By the time I got to Pickering (normally a ten-fifteen minute drive) I had been on the road for an hour and was becoming less and less my perky, happy self. 

Traffic in Toronto and the surrounding areas is crazy at the best of times, but if you live in these areas you are used to it.   However the three-hour trip which usually is an hour and forty-five minutes, had me thinking – why would people do this every week?  I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of people who every week after work on Friday travel up north to their trailers and cottages and on Sunday (which was a bit better of a drive – 2 hours and 15 minutes) come home.  They get one full day of being up north and the other two days are spent in traffic, hot and bored.

When I finally got to Green Acres Trailer Park and I smelled the fresh air and I played with my aunts puppy and I was sitting outside on the deck, my eyes adjusting to the darkness and stars, I realized it’s because for a few hours of peace, of tranquil beauty – it’s worth it.  Every minute of being stuck in my car was gone from my memory.  I was relaxed and could breath and smile.  I was where I belonged – if only for a couple of days. 

I can’t wait to visit again – hopefully in August when I won’t be going up on a Friday, where I will have some vacation time so I can leave early enough in the day to relax on my way up north.

XOXO Nikilee




I know its weird right?  Almost three years I’ve been writing, you’ve been reading and yet there is still more to know (and hopefully love) about Nikilee30. 

  1. Blueberry bagels lightly toasted with butter and a tea with three milk and three sugar are my go-to breakfast item
  2. I have a sweet tooth that extends to every meal
  3. I’ve only not lived in my childhood home twice (once in University and once with GBF when we were boyfriend/girlfriend)
  4. My birthday doesn’t mean that much to me
  5. I love to celebrate others birthdays       
  6. I have wanted to be a primary school teacher for as long as I can remember
  7. I truly enjoy my job as a caseworker and can’t imagine giving it up for anything
  8. I’m allergic to most animals                                                                                              
  9. I love Crazy Cat Lady’s cat Glenn Beck and E’s dog Mister Vegas SO much!
  10. My nieces remind me of me
  11. I’m not sure that’s a good thing all the time
  12. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn                                                                          
  13. I am the Social Media representative for our office
  14. I have a slight obsession with pens – I can’t walk into a Staples without buying a new pack of pens
  15. I have had my iPhone for a year – I have over 1500 pictures on my phone – most stolen from other people’s Facebook HA!
  16. I love flats but wow do they make my feet stink (too much information maybe??)
  17. I own over 80 pairs of shoes                                                                                                                                     
  18. I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with it and I don’t apologize or feel embarrassed about it
  19. My dad is my hero
  20. He doesn’t know that
  21. My biggest disappointment thus far in life is not getting better grades in high school
  22. And maybe caring to much what the cool kids thought of me
  23. I have three agendas and three hanging calendars –  I have an issue
  24. I’m not a texter – I prefer phone conversations
  25. I love lists and create them regularly

XOXO Nikilee

P.S stay tuned in the coming months – I hope to have big news soon!

And I call myself a city girl

Everyone knows I love living in Toronto.  I love everything about the city – the people, the noise, the attractions…I don’t know if I could ever live far from a major city – TO being the best!!

However, this weekend proved, that while I may be a city girl, I am not a city transportation girl.  I drive.  I drive fast and I drive with passion!  I love my car (Minnie the Mazda 3) and I do not enjoy TTC (Toronto Transit Commission).  On Saturday I finally booked an appointment with my friends wife to get my hair cut, coloured and styled because it was LONG overdue.  She works at King and Yonge (77 King St E to be exact).  June and her husband are like family to me.  He is like my big brother and she is just the sweetest woman I’ve met in a long time.  Their 3-year-old daughter is an angel – my darling, my sweetheart.  Any who, back to Saturday.  So I knew I was going to subway it down to the salon because driving and parking can be a bitch on a weekend. 

I drove to Kennedy Station since its free parking on weekends and that allowed me the pleasure of NOT taking a bus.  The subway ride there was crowded, but I managed to get there with no problems – even a few minutes early.  I was so proud of myself for getting there on my own because I haven’t taken the subway anywhere alone since I worked at Air Canada Centre in 2009. 

The problem came when I left to go meet a friend back in Scarborough.  I decided I’d take the Streetcar to Broadview station because then I wouldn’t have to transfer subways to get back to Kennedy.  BIG MISTAKE!  An older gentleman got on my streetcar one stop after me.  He was coughing.  Hacking and yakking all over the place.  He was eating peanuts and these peanuts were spraying all over the front of him and the seat in front of him.  People were getting up and moving to the back.  I didn’t want to be rude so I texted said friend above and tried to hide my face so I wouldn’t catch any of this hackers germs.  Now I know some people, especially older people, have health issues and I feel bad that he seemed to be in such ill-health, but really – a streetcar with the windows all closed and these germs floating around, made me physically ill.  I couldn’t get off fast enough when we pulled into the station and I walked as fast as I could to the subway platform and all the way to the very end!

The subway ride seemed pretty good, until we were almost at Kennedy.  Let me explain something.  I don’t consider myself claustrophobic per say, but lock me in a subway underground in a dark tunnel and I have a small problem.  I get fidgety, my legs shake and normally if I am with someone, I can focus on them and be all good.  But I was alone with only strangers around me.  My knees were shaking so bad I thought the car would start to rock.  Thankfully it was only about five minutes and we started moving again.  My friend was in the roundabout waiting for me so I was SOOOO happy to have a hug from someone who always can make me smile!

Now, let’s back track to my hair.  I have always believed hair is hair – it will grow out, grow back and grow long in time.  I saw June at PandH salon at 77 King St E.  I had no idea what I wanted except colour and cut (trim).  She gave me beautiful, natural looking streaksand colour  and because I told her I am growing my hair long again, she just cut a bunch of layers into it.  Blow dried it, straightened it – there is nothing better than seeing all the steam from the hot iron – and made me look and feel like a million bucks!  Now if you do go there, please ask for June as your stylist cause she is awesome and I love her!!

P & H Logo Logo

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, take care and remember to smile, it may be Monday, but we are all in for good things this week, I truly believe that!

XOXO Nikilee