Another week down…

Sorry my blogging friends, I have been away for a couple of days – home, not at work – why…because of the pain.

Stupid wound hasn’t healed and I am not going to go into all the drama, gross drama surrounding it, but lets just say the past two days have been hell.  But, there is only so much day time talk shows one can watch without their brain going to mush – pretty sure my dads brain is MUSHY MUSH!  So I am back to work today hoping to be productive, help someone, make someone smile and of course, blog!

I must admit that I was kinda glad for my problems yesterday when I woke up at 10:00 and saw the blizzard snow storm Toronto was hit with.  I literally walked into my living room, saw the gross snow and walked back into my room, rolled up in the blankets and put on Criminal Minds – because Derek Morgan can make anyone feel better. 

When I came back out around 5:00 the snow had stopped and I immediately called snow boy who is the teenager down the street who clears my snow!  He is so great, I am sure his family would disagree since he is also a huge troublemaker, but I adore him.  He is always so polite to me and since I used to tutor him when he was little, we have a relationship built on trust and respect.  He cleaned the snow so I could see the ground!  He also cleaned off my car and got as much snow out from under my car as he possibly could!  I love you snow boy!  You make me smile! 

Today I am back at work, working on schedules, calendars and of course listening to all the gossip regarding the upcoming Local 416 strike/lockout and whether Local 79 will have to follow.  Argh, I hate gossip!  Well, I love good gossip, whose sleeping with who, whose getting fired, who got drunk and slept with a random…LOL…this is all good fun gossip – getting locked out and losing my income for however long is NOT good gossip.

Missed you all while I was away…hope your weekend is enjoyable!

XOXO Nikilee