Employment worker…possibly unemployed??

Okay so not really unemployed, just on strike or locked out depending on who you talk to.  I mean the Mayor doesn’t like the union, the union doesn’t seem impressed with the mayor – whats a girl to do??  I mean I counsel people everyday on employment strategies, critiquing resumes, mock interviewing people – and I might be out of work for weeks or MONTHS!  WHAT??

Last night I went by a buddy’s house to figure this all out.  I mean picketing provides you peanuts.  And really, anyone who knows me, knows as soon as the temperature dips below 0 degrees or the first snow flake falls, is well aware that I will be crying and curling up under my blankets praying to go back to work.  I just want to work.  I can’t even imagine trying to find other work.  I love my job!  Why wouldn’t I?  The only other thing I can even imagine doing is teaching – and no school or board is going to bring me on to cover a strike/lock out! 

I am grateful that money is not my main worry.  That really keeping active and on schedule is my concern!  I have friends who do worry though about the money and I think I will end up supporting them emotionally (by looking after their kids etc) so they can picket and find other work.

But you know what I really want – for the unions and the Mayor and the community and the workers to all realize we all want the same thing underneath the fighting – for Toronto to continue being the BEST city to live/work in!  Lets work together, lets communicate…please!  I love Toronto and I love my job and I am grateful for it all!

Meanwhile, since I don’t have my own personal resume and I counsel people on resumes…maybe I should get started and create one – you know just in case 😉

Question: do you love your job why or why not??

XOXO Nikilee