What do single people do on New Years??

Hello, I am not a loner, a loser or a leper!! But I am single in a world where all my girls are taken.

I think that 2012 can start just as happily if I spend it hanging out at my dads in pj’s watching movies as I can getting drunk being the third wheel at the wide variety of parties I have been invited to.  I love my friends, and they all seem to be inviting me to various events which is really sweet, but all I can think is “I can hang with people I don’t know and their boyfriends…that sounds like a rare form of torture”.  Last year I needed to be with others, I was in a bad place, I needed to drink wine and hang with people I loved, but I am in a good place now – I know what I want and who I am and where I am heading in life…and watching movies or tv shows alone sounds okay to me.

The ex is with family, my girls are all with their guys so being in my bed chilling out sounds like a decent way to spend my new year!  I guess that does kind of make me sound like a loser or a loner – what if I have wine while watching my movies??  No, not so much??  Grrrr fine, I decided to have dinner with my buddy M and his girlfriend at Makimono – but it’s Makimono, so I was okay with it.  Can I jump into Loser town now???

As far as goals are concerned, I am keeping two of my resolutions from last year – travel more and lose 25 more pounds.  This sounds reasonable doesn’t it??  I have one trip booked – Dominican Republic in January – and mini trips planned for the summer…I hope to add many more. I am pretty sure as long as I focus that I can lose the weight.  All the goals that are swimming around in my head are going to stay there…

I hope you all have a safe, happy New Year!

XOXO Nikilee