I’m a little bit country?

A couple of weeks ago Crazy Cat Lady requested my presence at her cottage for the Saturday-Sunday of the long weekend (okay really she asked if I was free and of course I was so I said why not).  Now I have never been to CCL’s cottage, but I assumed like other cottages I’d been to, that I would drive up to some small housing structure that smelled musty and had bugs roaming around and I’d spend most of the weekend swatting mosquitoes off me.

However as CCL and I were driving up north (North of Barrie) she said her brother would bring the boat around to pick us up and take us to the cottage.

Say what?

This cottage is on an island – no roads – so we park in a parking lot and you need someone who has a boat to pick you up from the dock and then you take the boat to the cottage.

photo 3photo 4photo

Okay, I was okay with that – seemed a bit more rustic than I was used to, but sure – why not have an adventure.  So we drove, and drove and finally the inevitable happened – we had to pee.  No, sorry I had to pee and when I said it CCL immediately had to pee too.  I saw a sign that said a Country Style donuts and gas station were at the next exit so I whipped over to the right hand lane and got off and I am pretty sure we were on another small highway.  There was nothing – no exits no Donut store and no gas station.  So we kept driving and driving for about 15 minutes and FINALLY, thank you Lord, we saw the Country Style donuts and gas station.  Let me tell you – that damn sign was misleading.  If it wasn’t for me making random turns we never would have made it.

After taking some pics and emptying our full bladders we drove into the small town of Mactier and did some grocery shopping and headed to the dock.

photo 8photo 9photos

CCL’s brother came to get us and we took the boat to the cottage.  As CCL pointed out this cottage I immediately knew I would be a happy camper.  This cottage was beautiful and high up on this beautiful cliff and the closer we got the more pretty everything seemed.  We were greeted by her father, Omi, Opa and her dad’s girlfriend. 

Having a great time!

Having a great time!

photo 7Love this woman!

Amazingly the inside was even more beautiful than the outside.  CCL and I shared a room with two single beds so we dropped our stuff and went out on to this huge deck and I soaked up some cancer rays sun while CCL hid her white skin under the umbrella. 

Sharing drinks and laughs, the ladies gossiped and we all got to know each other as the boys worked on the new dock.  Her brother took us out on the new speed boat and we drove around the island at speeds that seemed illegal but was so much fun! 

Dinner was lobster tail, beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes and caesar salad with birthday cake and cupcakes for dessert (we were celebrating CCL’s dads 50th birthday). 

We were in bed early due to the warm air, wine and filling meal and happily I dreamt away with no anxiety – no meltdowns.  I was in complete peace. 

The next morning we had breakfast, relaxed played Crazy 8 countdown (CCL won 2-3) and then took the boat back to the dock so we could go home.  I was just starting to really feel like I could get used to the isolation – be engulfed in the peace and quiet of country life when we pulled up the dock her dad pointed out the worlds largest, creepiest dock spider I had ever seen and just like that I was ready to come back to the city. 

We survived!

We survived!

This Cidiot can be a little bit country – but deep down, my heart and my incredible fear of spiders will keep me in the big bad city!

XOXO Nikilee

A long weekend is just what the Doctor ordered

Okay so my doctor didn’t actually say I need a long weekend, but I know in my heart, if I told her every detail of my life, I am sure she would recommend it! 

There is so much that I am quite ready to talk about yet on my blog, things that I need to keep private to protect someone else…but lets just say I had a pretty damn near perfect weekend. 

The one thing I can talk about is my dinner on Saturday night at the Keg restaurant in Scarborough.  Now, those who read this blog know that Makimono is by far my FAVOURITE restaurant, but the Keg does come in very close.  There is just something about the atmosphere, the servers and the food that always makes me feel wined and dined.  I went there with my father, brother and sister-in-law.  This was to celebrate my dad’s birthday from last week because T got sick and we couldn’t go.  Taking my dad out to dinner is always a treat since he doesn’t go out – ever really – anywhere.  But he does love a good Keg dinner and this was no exception!

We all start off with appetizers, because we know if we are having Keg, we go ALL out!  My brother, T and I had always have baked garlic shrimp – so yummy.  The bread was a bit hard, but the garlic sauce made it soften right up!  Garlic, cheese and shrimp so freaking good!  My dad got escargot.  No one else would be caught dead with escargot, but my dad loves it and has it every time we go!  Of course we all got alcohol too except T who isn’t much of a drinker.  Me and my brother got Caesars and dad had a southern comfort with 7-up. 

For our main dishes, we all differ somewhat.  My brother got a peppercorn steak with a shrimp and scallop medley on top.  He got the loaded baked potato and slices of tomato for flavour.  T got the terriyaki steak with garlic mashed potatoes and dad got the prime rib with loaded baked potatoes with a side order of mushrooms.  My meal, which is my favourite meal there is the surf and turf prime rib with lobster tail and garlic mashed potatoes.  I LOVE LOBSTER! 

Such a great meal!

Everything was cooked to perfection and I am pretty sure I ate mine in about 30 seconds flat.  In fact I ate so quickly I had time to run out and say hi to a friend I had been looking forward to seeing who always puts a smile on my face who was there to have dinner with family as well.
This was an amazing night out with my family, we don’t get to do it often (I mean really none of our diets or wallets can afford the Keg on the regular, but once in a while is a great time).
Daddy and me

Overall, I would not have given up this long weekend for anything, spending time with family and friends is always a good time, and sharing a wonderful meal with wonderful people make it all the more exciting and I can’t wait for the next long weekend which is…EASTER!  WTF!  This will not do.  I need to book a day off in March.  I cannot wait over a month for another long weekend…

XOXO Nikilee