Had the best night

So work has been crazy busy with workshops, initiatives, coverages etc.  But last night after work, I got to see two of my favourite people!

When buddy left TESS for a different city division he needed someone to pick up his beautiful 3-year-old daughter Ms. J from daycare.  Of course I offered because I love spending time with her!  Last night was my first pick up.  I was worried that she would freak out because I am not her daddy and she IS daddy’s girl and we were breaking routine.  However there was NO need to be worried at all…as soon as I rounded the corner of her daycare she screamed my name and jumped in my arms!  NIIICOOOOOOOOLE!  I love it!  I gave her a million kisses and whisked her away.  When I got her home (after hearing all about her day and her time at the Riverdale Zoo on the weekend) her dad wasn’t home yet so I took her to Mr Wongs convenience Store for a popsicle.  We watched some Bob and Lolo music on YouTube and then daddy came home.  She was so happy and buddy was relieved he did not have to make the drive up north to pick up Ms. J.  Everyone was happy.

Then I had dinner at Makimono with Shaun!  I have not seen Shaun in 17 years.  Since our Grade 8 Graduation.  Now, other than a much more toned physique and a shorter hair cut – he looks exactly the same.  We talked for almost two hours straight about everything that has happened to us in the past 17 years.  He has some amazing words of wisdom for me and made me believe everything would work out to His plan (Gods, not Shauns).  It’s so funny hanging out with someone who has spent the past ten years living in the States (Kansas primarily) because things like working a debit card seemed so foreign to him.  It made me smile.  I hope it doesnt’ take another 17 years to hang out with him! 

The only person I didn’t see last night was the one person who I so desperately need to see, but our schedules have been off lately.  I will see him Friday for a little bit – I cannot wait!  And then we are going to Niagara Falls on Sunday for some alone time and to have some fun!!!  Hopefully he knows my heart is with him 😉

XOXO Nikilee


Going all the way back to middle school tonight!

Oh middle school – we all remember it right, a time where girls became women, boys became men, we all matured and were loving and respectful to each other – right?!  Uhh…hello, HELLO is this thing on??

What you mean that’s not how it was!  Girls were soemtimes cruel and mean, boys were to cool for school and treated girls like things and not people…we all thought we were soooo grown up and mature, but really we were all insecure brats waiting for the next person to torture so we would feel good about ourselves!  Right, that was my middle school experience.

It may sound bad, and parts of it were (I remember a girl bringing a lighter and hairspray to school to burn another girls hair off and don’t forget that time where I fell asleep first at a birthday party and woke up with lipstick all over my body – the words written on me are not appropriate on this blog), but I was also extremely lucky to have a group of kids who really were fiercely loyal, fun and unique.  I had my first kiss under the stairs of my school, we went ice skating or swimming at the rec centre every Friday and when my parents separated – those same friends surrounded me with love and kindness.  I still keep in touch with a few of those friends even though after 8th grade we all went off on our separate paths.  Thank you to Facebook for allowing me to reconnect with those friends.

One of those friends Shaun (or Andre) as he goes by now, has moved all the way to Kansas!!!  But he is back in TO and I am catching up with him tonight to hear all about his work, his church, his children…I cannot wait.  It has been 17 years since I have seen him (except through Facebook pictures) and I cannot wait to see him again!  Shaun was one of my favourite friends in middle school.  When those girls wrote all over me in lipstick, he was the first one to call me to see if I was okay.  He was a gentle soul and the fact that he is so passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ does not surprise me at all, because he always had something special about him. 

So tonight I will get Makimono and dinner with an old friend (wait – not old, we are the same age, so we are both young!)

It will be a great night…I hope we can catch each other up on all the amazing things that have happened to us in the past 17 years…and all of our current situations as well – I can’t wait to tell him about a special someone I have been spending a lot of time with!  But more on that soon I hope!

XOXO Nikilee

I’m gonna party like it’s my birthday…

So this season the Bachelor is Ben F. from Ashley’s Bachelorette season.  I didn’t like him then, and watching most of last nights episode, I still don’t like him.  Looks alone, I’m not impressed, but honestly, this season has some of the least desirable women on it that I have ever seen. 

Yet I kept watching, I watched until 9:30 when I finally pulled myself away (hit record) and turned the t.v off.  I’m pathetic.  Shows like this that exploit and destroy men and women and love and romance only exist because people like me watch it. 

Enough about such ridiculousness!  I am finally 31!  Honestly it seems like just yesterday that I turned 30 and was starting up this blog!  It makes me happy to know I survived 30 with only one or two more battle scars.  I think battle scars make you stronger no?  I mean the hardest battle scars were my dads heart attack – thank you God he is okay now – and the passing of my grandmother.  But my dad IS okay and my Nana IS where she has always wanted to be, with my poppy, so really, can I complain?  Nope. 

Last night my nieces and my sister-in-law took me to my favourite restaurant – Makimono.  I ate like a spoiled brat and enjoyed every bite, lick and taste (BLT).  But then I thought about my weight loss efforts and had remorse.  I know it’s my b-day I should celebrate properly, but really, there is always a day or a holiday (it’s Christmas, it’s Valentines Day, it’s that time of the month, your sick etc, etc!).  I need to learn to celebrate and deal with issues without food – though let me tell you, with all you can eat sushi, that is easier said then done!

How do you celebrate your birthday???

Well I am off to go get wished Happy Birthday by all my co-workers, I hope you have a great Tuesday!!

XOXO Nikilee

What do single people do on New Years??

Hello, I am not a loner, a loser or a leper!! But I am single in a world where all my girls are taken.

I think that 2012 can start just as happily if I spend it hanging out at my dads in pj’s watching movies as I can getting drunk being the third wheel at the wide variety of parties I have been invited to.  I love my friends, and they all seem to be inviting me to various events which is really sweet, but all I can think is “I can hang with people I don’t know and their boyfriends…that sounds like a rare form of torture”.  Last year I needed to be with others, I was in a bad place, I needed to drink wine and hang with people I loved, but I am in a good place now – I know what I want and who I am and where I am heading in life…and watching movies or tv shows alone sounds okay to me.

The ex is with family, my girls are all with their guys so being in my bed chilling out sounds like a decent way to spend my new year!  I guess that does kind of make me sound like a loser or a loner – what if I have wine while watching my movies??  No, not so much??  Grrrr fine, I decided to have dinner with my buddy M and his girlfriend at Makimono – but it’s Makimono, so I was okay with it.  Can I jump into Loser town now???

As far as goals are concerned, I am keeping two of my resolutions from last year – travel more and lose 25 more pounds.  This sounds reasonable doesn’t it??  I have one trip booked – Dominican Republic in January – and mini trips planned for the summer…I hope to add many more. I am pretty sure as long as I focus that I can lose the weight.  All the goals that are swimming around in my head are going to stay there…

I hope you all have a safe, happy New Year!

XOXO Nikilee